Wiyona Chan

This pool playing hustler babe is known around Asianude4you as Wiyona Chan but our loyal ABD followers will notice she looks a lot like Christy Kee. The reason for this is simple, she and she is the same they, which is to say, same babe, different name. She can’t fool our clever research staff, even with that clever disguise. What kind of outfit would that be called anyways? Leather biker chick? Light bondism apparel? It’s definitely got some 1950’s The Wild One style to it. She just needs a fat hog to sit on and she’d be complete. I think I could arrange that for her. Well not the fat part, might not even be worthy of the name hog but my scooter dick is available if she’s ever looking for a low rider.

ABD Score Breakdown85/100
Content Quality8/10
Content Quantity10/10
Overall Appeal4/5
Extras Bonus1/0
Website Name: AsiaNude4u
Ethnicity of Models: Thai (Chinese style)
First Debuted: unsure Last Reviewed: Dec. 2006
Pricing Options: 1Mth $29.95 ~ 3Mth $74.95
Of Note: Some exceptional erotica here
*note - AsianNude4u has been offline since sometime in 2013 An4u is a very large collection of Thai nude models shot with a bit of a Chinese theme. Aside from the massiveness of their members area the best part of this site, for many, is their softcore sex photoshoots, very erotic, and of a few recognizable faces you may have thought have never got so naughty before the lens. The photographers choose some great, exotic locations to get their girls naked in and are fond of using bright, happy colours. If you've got the mid-week blues or find yourself dreaming of some perfect tropical vacation have a look at An4u to complete your fantasy with the kinds of hot, exotic women every dream vacation should be filled with. If you're a fan of the Thai nude internet starlets I'm sure you'll stumble across a few familiar faces over there.

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