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Here’s another 88Square gallery, this one being of Wee Wansa, a curvy little Thai babe from er, I dunno, Thailand, to be unspecific. more sexy closeups here, something they excel at over at 88Square Should be 5 more 90 image sets over there of Miss Wansa, this one is titled Russ Meyeresque for unknown reasons. I guess cuz she’s got semi-large breasts and the guy naming it was reminded of some old school titty movies. Ohh I get it now, a little, in the full set you can see better that she’s wearing some matching, country style, Daisy Duke looking bra and panties. Must be cuz of that but whadda I know.

ABD Score Breakdown93/100
Content Quality8/10
Content Quantity8/10
Overall Appeal5/5
Extras Bonus5/0
Website Name: 88Square
Ethnicity of Models: Thai
First Debuted: 2004 Last Reviewed: June 2012
Pricing Options: 1Mth $29.99 ~ 3Mth $74.95
Of Note: Free bonus access to the 88Square Network
88Square is one of the webs best sources for hot Thai glamour models with all-exclusive content shot by some of the best nude photographers in Thailand. Their talent scouts are constantly finding new, undiscovered beauties and getting them nekkid for the 88Square stable with just about every popular softcore nude star in Thailand having been featured over the years. To go with their typical collection of 6x90+ image photosets of each model they often shoot behind the scenes style videos and these can be a lot of fun as they capture so much more personality than the still camera. Add to this the great striptease and masturbation style videos they talk many of their girls into and you've got a great time waiting for you in their members area.

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