Good Looking Japanese Girl

This good looking Japanese girl is Takako Kitahara, a popular pornstar from Japan who has performed in many tantalizing videos quite a few of which can be downloaded from All Japanese Pass if you feel so inclined to do so.

Sexy Asian Dildo

She may be known around ABD as Barbara Chuan but over at 88Square you will find her as April Lim which is important information if you’re looking to track down the rest of this 90 image set that they shot of her a while back. That third image cracks me up, it’s like a sports action photo but instead of a football it’s a dildo being passed through the air. Good stuff, but not as good as watching her work that thing into herself. Ohh yea, we named this sample selection gallery ‘Sexy Asian Dildo’ but over at 88Square you can find it as ‘Toy Joy’ if you happen to be over there looking.

Girl Peeing In Woods

In our quest to get more of Elyssa Saint on the site we have her here in some nice outdoor nude photographs after taking a short journey on bicycle to a secluded spot in the woods with her photographer pal. If you like naked girls and bicycles you may want to see the rest of this 90 picture set in which case it is available for download inside the 88Square members area. The title is Cycling Or Sex but don’t let it mislead you, there is no boy/girl naughty business, just Elyssa looking her fine ass self in the wilderness of Thailand. Ohh, she even squats down for a pee I’m seeing here, hmm, makes sense now that our image department has named this gallery post Girl Peeing In Woods. So if you do happen over there keep in mind she is known as Ballon Barichat at 88. You can find also 5 more 90 picture sets and 2 videos, including one naughty masturbation movie.

Annie Chui – Pacific Beauty

In some more of her best work we have Annie Chui in a photoset called Black Magic shot by the guys at Pacific Beauty where she is known as Aum. They always take the best pics of some great looking and popular models. Check out Annies ABD file to see some more of her.

Busty Asian Toying Pussy

Seems most of the busty Asian toying pussy pictures we’ve been adding to the site in weeks past are of the popular Thai nude model Nancy Ho. A naughty girl with a nice shapely body is a great recipe for sexy as evidenced here in these older Asian4you pictures, her second set there titled nanc02a. You can download the full set, all the full sized images we had to leave out, from The Black Alley in their a4y area.

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