Ozawa Maria

Ozawa Maria, how her name may be spelt in Japan, if English was their national language. No idea how her name looks in Japanese characters as I’m just a dumb gaijin but I bet it’s sexy, cuz she’s sexy and hot girls always have sexy names, even if they weren’t born with them. Not a lot of Berthas and Matildas in the modeling world I can tell you that much. But I talk too much about nothing and if you’re reading this I have to ask ‘why?’ when there are a bunch of sexy pictures underneath all this mumbo jumbo to better please your eyes.

Maria Ozawa Nude Pictures

It seems it’s been a while since we last posted some Maria Ozawa nude pictures on the site so here’s a few for you today. SexAsian18 is where we found them and besides having more of Miss Ozawa’s pictures to download they also have a dandy collection of her porn videos too. You can also check out her ABD file for more links to websites that features this Japanese sex goddess in their collection.

Nude Mermaid

Just a quick 5 picture gallery for all you folks who watched Splash back in the 80’s and have been going through life with a mermaid fetish ever since. We titled the gallery Nude Mermaid not realizing that Masuimi is actually only topless in one of the pics but we suspect in her members area she shows a bit more, you can check her site out to see we suspect right, it’s called I Am Trouble

Half Japanese Girl

I don’t even have to say this girls name for you to know who it is, but I’m going to say it anyway. Maria Ozawa. She’s that half Japanese girl you’ve seen a whole lot of already but want to see more of, so here be the more. Enjoy.

Masuimi Max Nude

Our latest addition to the database is the popular American fetish model Masuimi Max. Her tattoos and exotic beauty combine to make her an easily recognizable babe and if you’re not already overly familiar with her I’m certain you’ve at least come across some pics of her in your past surfings. This photoset here is titled Violaceous Bunny. I have no idea what violaceous means but the bunny part I can understand as she’s sporting some old school bunny ears atop her 50’s doo. Bit of a groovy throwback to the old pinup model days. Not sure they said groovy much in the 50’s in the way I just used it but I do know they’d be referring to this sharp chick as out of this world fly, daddy-o.

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