Wang Shui Wen

Name: Wang Shui Wen
Alternate Names: Michelle Chan
Nationality: Thai
Website Appearances: The Black Alley (Wang Shui Wen), AsiaNude4u (Michelle Chan)
Has Done Porn?: There is a boy – girl softcore sex set available at AsiaNude4u that we came across.

Teresa Chao

Name: Teresa Chao
Alternate Names: Shirley Yip, Tonya, Fuchsia, Tao Thatip
Nationality: Thai
Website Appearances: The Black Alley (Teresa Chao), AsiaNude4u (Shirley Yip), Pee Asian (Shirley Yip), Asian4you (Tonya), Moon Angel (Fuchsia), Thai Cuties (Tao Thatip)
Has Done Porn?: researching..

Oki Koew

Name: Oki Koew
Alternate Names: researching..
Nationality: Thai
Website Appearances: Thai Cuties (Oki Koew)
Has Done Porn?: researching..

Suzuka Ishikawa

Suzuka Ishikawa is a great looking Japanese babe who works in the adult industry there as a performer, mainly for smaller studios. In 2009 she changed her name to Mion Tachibana which is commonplace for AV idols to do when they bounce around from studio to studio, with some studios owning rights to the name as we have come to understand things. Already well known as Suzuka we have decided to use this as her ABD name.

We’ve also found she has gone, or goes by the name Rina Ikeuchi. We’re not sure if this is an old name or the current name she is acting under. As always if you have any information about this your sharing it in the comments is appreciated. :)

Name: Suzuka Ishikawa
Alternate Names: Mion Tachibana, Rina Ikeuchi, Ishikawa Suzuka
Birth Year: 1988
Debut: 2008
Height: 158 cm (5’2)
Nationality: Japanese
Website Appearances: JSexNetwork , SexAsian18 , Yes Movies , Asia Movie Pass , Jav Model , All Japanese Pass
Has Done Porn?: Hell yes, and plenty of it.
Any Suzuka Ishikawa Uncensored Porn?: A DVD titled Angel is said to be uncensored and available at JSexNetwork . A search on Jav Model shows they have a have a dvd titled Debut In Uncensored, we’re uncertain if this is the same video or not as a lot of these sites mix up the translations of the dvd titles.
Photobooks: researching..
Porn Movies: Mega Splash Lesbians, Tokyo Nights 25, Magic Mirror Beach Sex, Big Hip Pressure, Wild Sexy Transparent When Wet, Sister Angel, Soapland, Squirting Orgasm Car, Exposure Date: Beautiful Leg, Active Campus Collection 4, Japan F1 Grand Prix, Angel, Encore Vol.4, Cutie Girl, Puurun Waitress

Azusa Nagasawa

Azusa Nagasawa is a popular large breasted AV Idol from Japan who apparently hasn’t done a lot of photography work as we are only able to get two half decent image galleries of her up so far. Lots of video clip links for you to click though.

Name: Azusa Nagasawa
Alternate Names: Nagasawa Azusa
Birth Year: 1988
Height: 162 cm (5’4)
Nationality: Japanese
Website Appearances: JSexNetwork , Yes Movies , SexAsian18 , Jav Model , Asia Movie Pass , All Japanese Pass
Has Done Porn?: Yes, av idol by profession
Any Azusa Nagasawa Uncensored Porn?: researching..
Photobooks: researching..
Porn Movies: Big Breast Shame, Amazing Puru Puru Hips 6, Milk Big Tits, Boob Teaching Tutor, E-BODY, God Ass, Big Tits Screaming Fuck, Pets Are Kept At Home, Bako Bako Costume Tits, Incontinence Shame Ecstacy, Inifnity Fuck, 6 Costumes, Tits Are Too Big

The following is a list of links to galleries, movies, information and stuff about Azusa Nagasawa.

View Azusa Nagasawa full ABD profile here

Azusa Nagasawa Movies

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Videos 02
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