Miyuki Yokoyama Nude

These Miyuki Yokoyama nude pictures mark her entry to the DB with our first of a few new girls we’ll be adding today. Let’s see, in looking over my notes here I she was born in November of 1989 which puts her at just about age 23 (if my maths is rights) and looks to have been an active idol in the JAV world since at least 2010. She’s starred in a few skin flicks since then, quite a few of which you can download from SexAsian18

Sexy Asian Stripping

This sexy Asian stripping naked from her jean skirt and girly top is Nina Chui. She’s a Thai nude model, been around on a few sites including our own where you can see some more of her galleries in her ABD file. These pics are some samples from a full set, one of many that she did for The Black Alley

Hot Asian With Big Tits

Here’s some more of Mo Chada, that hot Asian with big tits we’ve posted up on the site a bunch lately. Any my what an interesting necklace she has on today, looks like somebody had an arts and crafts class that week :D

Lau Sin Yee – Pee Asian

Big earrings, big tits and some nice booty shots are a great way for Cartoon Kittiya to introduce herself around here. In these pics she’s known as Lau Sin Yee, Pee Asian is where they’re from. We took to calling her by her Cartoon alias as that’s how she is better known in Thailand where she has appeared in Penthouse magazine. We’ll try and get some of those pics up here for you too.

Meanwhile, you can download this gull photoset from Pee Asian or check out her profile below and learn more about her.

Native Island Girl

Here’s Petchara looking like one of those hot native island girls from the South Pacific you’ve been fantasizing about ever since you watched Mutiny On The Bounty back in the day. I can’t say her tattoos take away from the authenticity of the look as I believe the actresses characters in that movie had tattoos as well. I think theirs were more tribal though but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it. Hot, hot and hot nonetheless. You can download this full image scene (and a few other beach sets that she did as well) at the great Thai babes site, The Black Alley

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