Nude Girl Jumping

Girls like to jump in their pictures for some wierd reason. If I’m out sightseeing with my girlfriend and her friends they’re always asking ‘Po take our picture when we jump’ and I gotta stand there taking too many pictures to get just the right one with my 5 year old, 3 second delay picture button crap North Korean made garbage brick digital camera. So then I get a nice one and they say, okay one more and that turns into 5 more , and this is all just when we get off the bus. When it comes time to go see the freaking volcano they say ‘ohh we’re too tired to walk, you go Po, we’ll wait here. Can we borrow your camera?’ grrrrrls.

So enough tripping down memory lane, this nude girl jumping is Miyu Hoshino and she’s hot and I bet that photographer didn’t need to take 30 pics to get just one with his big fancy expensive slr. Bah.

editors note: po likes volcanoes

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