Nude Girl Fishing

Today we have Mo Chada starring as ‘Nude Girl Fishing’ in this riverside scene she starred in for the photographers at Thai Cuties a while back. I’ve seen some sex photos of hers from Thai Cuties and in those I always thought she handled a rod like a pro but now seeing her here with an actual fishing pole I’m going to have to take that back, the way she’s holding that thing all dainty-like I would wager she went home hungry that night. I would like to add something about her being cock hungry and maybe make some more juvenile plays on words with rod and pole but I’m not very good at making ha ha’s, my stand up attempts have always ended with people telling me to sit down.

ABD Score Breakdown93/100
Content Quality9/10
Content Quantity7/10
Overall Appeal5/5
Extras Bonus3/0
Website Name: Thai Cuties
Ethnicity of Models: Thai
First Debuted: 2002 Last Reviewed: Jan. 2013
Pricing Options: 1Mth $29.95 ~ 3Mth $69.95
Of Note: Bonus access to 3 more sites
Thai Cuties is a great collection of some of the hotter Thai babes online and being so you'll see a lot of recognizable and pretty faces there. The tour hasn't changed much over the years and really does the site an injustice for there is a lot more content available inside the members area than it lets on and despite having a lot of content to choose from it is quite a pleasure to navigate and find the babes you're into. Their content is high quality with both photo sets and videos offered and is all exclusive meaning it cannot be seen anywhere else but there. The site stands on its own very well but even so a membership with Thai Cuties grants you access to 3 other websites which they operate including a new Thai girls site of the shaved beaver genre.

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