Naked Asian Cheerleader

Here’s another babe we found over at the new and awesome We weren’t sure what to go with for a title here, either Japanese Baseball Babe or Naked Asian Cheerleader. As you can see we went with the er, former? Latter? I always confuse those, let’s just say the second one and I’ll edit that before I post so I don’t look stoopid.

editors note: this is why our writers get the big bucks folks

ABD Score Breakdownxx/100
Content Qualityx/10
Content Quantityx/10
Overall Appealx/5
Extras Bonusx/0
Website Name:
Ethnicity of Models: Japanese
First Debuted: 2012 Last Reviewed: pending
Pricing Options: 1Mth $30ish ~ 3Mth $70ish
Of Note: Exclusive models, uncensored content is the net's newest Japanese babes site and it's quickly filling up with never before seen fresh faced cuties. There being a shortage of new babe sites since the recession hit it's a real breath of fresh air to see something new come along and come along so well; it's a great looking site and all the photography and video is of a top notch caliber. Two things it has over other Japanese adult sites are the exclusivity of the models (you won't find this content anywhere else) and that none of the images or video is censored. That's right, no old fashioned pixels preventing you from seeing all the pretty pink parts you were sure Japanese girls possessed but never before had documented photographic evidence of. So check them out and get documenting.

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