Mayu Uchida

One of our staff came across this tall Japanese av idol in his surfings and suggested we do a ABD file up for her. This writer was all for it but the problem I’m having is I can’t find out much about her. The original video he found her on is from YouTube titled Tallest Japanese Idol Uchida. I’ve since gathered her Anglicized name is Mayu Uchida and she stands at a height of 184cm which is around 6’1/2″. An insane measurement for a Japanese girl. I was able to come across only one movie title of hers, Cock Slave Athlete in which she gets sexed up by two dudes that look like dwarfs in her presence. I guess they didn’t feel safe around her as just one dude and had to take her down gangbang style. You can view that video here and it seems to be from Tokyo Hot where I assume you can find and download the full, high quality version of it. It’s uncensored too.

Name: Mayu Uchida
Alternate Names: Uchida Maya
Birth Year: researching..
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 184cm (6’1/2″)
Website Appearances: Tokyo Hot , JSexNetwork
Any Mayu Uchida Uncensored Porn?: Yes, at least one dvd titled Cock Slave Athlete which we believe (but have not confirmed) can be found at Tokyo Hot .
Photobooks: researching..
Porn Movies: Cock Slave Athlete, Acme Athlete Beauty Collapse3, researching..

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