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We were a little uncomfortable referring to this babe by her real fake name but after a quick google we realized it’s a legitimate name in many cultures and doesn’t mean what most of us in the west take it to mean. So many good names ruined by others. A real shame one can’t name their kid Adolf these days, cultural sensitivities being what they are and all. Not that Adolf is the coolest sounding name in the world anyways but I can legally call my kid Rock or Tank and he’d get through life fine with either.

But this post got sidetracked. I’m supposed to be talking up Lolita here and what a fine Thai female specimen she is. How about I just let the pictures do the talking for me. These are from the numtitled set lolita-cheng-02 at The Black Alley .

ABD Score Breakdown95/100
Content Quality10/10
Content Quantity9/10
Overall Appeal5/5
Extras Bonus3/0
Website Name: The Black Alley
Ethnicity of Models: Thai
First Debuted: 2002? Last Reviewed: June 2012
Pricing Options: 1Mth $29.95 ~ 3Mth $69.95
Of Note: Full access to Asian4you included
The Black Alley is the premier Thai babes site with a massive amount of beautiful girls having graced their members area since opening up shop over a decade ago. With over 300 gorgeous models there is more to see and download here than you will likely ever have time for. It's one of those sites that you can explore everyday yet still make fresh faced discoveries. Each model typically has more than 6 high quality photosets commonly with over 100 photos per set (many having upwards of 30 sets). Add into that the movies available of most of the girls, from behind the scenes type stuff to the naughtier masturbation and striptease videos. If you're into Thai girls or Asian women in general a TBA membership is something you can't go without.

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