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Tang Fang is a light skin Asian and nude are these pictures here of her, just to show you she’s nice and milky all over that sexy body of hers. She’s from China by the way and if you’re into the Sino girls we recomend you check out the website MetCN (English site no longer available, try Met-Art instead) . They’ve got plenty more babes like Miss Tang here.

ABD Score Breakdownxx/100
Content Qualityx/10
Content Quantityx/10
Overall Appealx/5
Extras Bonusx/0
Website Name: MetCN
Ethnicity of Models: Chinese
First Debuted: unsure Last Reviewed: pending
Pricing Options: 1Mth $33.00 ~ 6Mth $110.00
Of Note: english site no longer available
editors note: Review based on English version of the site which is no longer in existence. At MetCN, the babes are 100% Chinese born and raised and shot by Chinese photographers in actual China. So if you've been watching a lot of chop socky flicks lately and the celestial honnies have been tickling your fancy MetCN may just be for you. Don't judge the site by it's tour appearance, in that it fails, judge it by the babes you will see on the inside. To sign up, click the 'subscribe' link in the top menu, scroll down and click the 'apply for special commentator' button. I'm not sure what a special commentator is but if you get a phone call one day saying 'you're hired' I wouldn't be surprised. The credit card transactions are handled by CCBill, a legit U.S. based processor, so you don't have to worry about any mysterious charges for Peking Duck at Big Bother Cheng's Tea House in downtown Shanghai.

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