Ho Mo Ling – HK Nude

Seems our graphics guy went big and uploaded a 26 image gallery giving me lots to write about. He left a note attached saying ‘too hot to choose less.’ Glancing over his selections I find that a very forgiving reason. These sexy pics are of Miss Ho Mo Ling of Thailand and they were once found in the members area of HKNude an old site that has since disappeared from the web. The full image set was over 150 pics I’m told but I’m not sure you’d be able to find that anywhere online anymore except that AsiaNude4u is kind of the succesor of HKNude and they have a lot of the same models shot by the same photographers on their site. So if you’re hurting for more of Ho Mo in this nice little scene you may try over thataway or one of their sister sites, Pee Asian and Shave Asian Check her ABD file for what aliases she uses around those there parts, partner.

editors note: this set is confirmed available at An4u where she is known as Wong See Lee. It’s titled SM00442 and you can find it in their members area. The set doesn’t have as many pics as the original one that appeared at HKNude.

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