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Yua Aida

This babe has my vote for best body in Japanese porn. She has perfectly proportioned medium titties and many would agree the nicest Japanese ass in JAV. Combine all this with those sexy legs and pretty face and it’s obvious why Yua Aida is considered one of the top pornstars in Japan. If Asian Porn Babes had only a top 5 Japanese babes list Yua Aida would easily make it. I would even petition for her being included in a top three.

Yua was born in 1984 near Nagoya, Japan on the main island of Honshu. Fast forwarding to 2003, the year she first began nude modeling, she was an instant sensation and the AV studios picked her up fast. Her porn debut was in a now famous movie called Pichi Pichi in January of 2004. Between then and January of 2005 it is reported she had starred in over 30 movies. She eventually gravitated to S1, where all the top AV Idols work and remained with them until her AV retirement in 2007. She does however continue to allow us lucky fans the honour of viewing that amazing body as she continues to do gravure modeling and more mainstream, non-nude stuff.

Name: Yua Aida
Alternate Names: Aida Yua
Birth Year: 1984
Nationality: Japanese
Website Appearances: researching..
Has Done Porn?: Yes
Any Yua Aida Uncensored Porn?:
Photobooks: Blue, Tide, KARAMI, LOVEx #11, UTOPIA, YUA
Porn Movies: researching

references: Wikipedia, Japan Vixen

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Yua Aida Nude

I had our graphics department fix me up with some nice pics for our very first Yua Aida nude appearance on Asian Babes Database. Yua probably has the fittest little body in the Japanese AV world and we’re going to be proving that more and more as time rolls on.

Yua Aida Naked

Here be our latest offering of a very sexy and very naked Yua Aida. To see Yua Aida naked in movies be sure to check out her Asian Babes Database biography where we try to keep you up to date with all the places you can find her full length videos and full set pictures online. The pics below are a bit of a mixed bag with her in a bikini poolside as well as leather and showing a little bush along with those beautiful Japanese tits.

Yua Aida’s Tits

Here’s a Yua Aida update to add to the database, nothing newsworthy but some good pictures of her pretty face and perfectly shaped breasts. Check out her ABD file for more pics and videos of Yua Aida’s tits.

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