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Wee Wansa

We little Wansa I call this babe. Dunno why and dunno why I shared that, ohh, yea.. filler. Cuz we still working on this here Wee Wansa ABD file..

Name: Wee Wansa
Alternate Names: Verona Wee, Natalia Cheng, Vebeke Leung, Balle Kanchana, Sai Eew, Vebeke Leung, Ewe
Nationality: Thai
Website Appearances: 88Square (Wee Wansa), Thai Cuties (Sai Eew), The Black Alley (Verona Wee), Pee Asian (Vebeke Leung, Natalia Cheng), Hot Ten Asians (Balle Kanchana), AsiaNude4u (Vebeke Leung, Natalia Cheng), Cute Mag (Ewe)
Has Done Porn?: Unknown but we’re willing to find out.. ohh wait, we’ve just come across a simulated erotic style sex image set at AsiaNude4u

Wee Wansa – 88Square

Here’s another 88Square gallery, this one being of Wee Wansa, a curvy little Thai babe from er, I dunno, Thailand, to be unspecific. more sexy closeups here, something they excel at over at 88Square Should be 5 more 90 image sets over there of Miss Wansa, this one is titled Russ Meyeresque for unknown reasons. I guess cuz she’s got semi-large breasts and the guy naming it was reminded of some old school titty movies. Ohh I get it now, a little, in the full set you can see better that she’s wearing some matching, country style, Daisy Duke looking bra and panties. Must be cuz of that but whadda I know.

Sexy Asian Girl Playing Pool

Here’s Wee Wansa as Verona Wee playing pool in some very sexy lingerie. This is exactly how all professional female billiards players should look while competing, guaranteed ratings boost. When snooker is the number 1 viewed sport on TV you can thank me for the idea, BSCC.

We got these pics from The Black Alley and they’ve got quite a few other photosets of many of their hundreds of models playing billiards in cute and skimpy clothing, sexy outfits and sometimes just plain nude – not that a nude, beautiful woman is anything near ‘plain’. So yea, if you want to see more of this sexy Asian girl playing pool the TBA members area be the place for that full set.