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Vanessa Ma

Vanessa Ma is a great looking Thai girl with a gorgeous body of fantastically even proportions. It’s because of this she has photographers texting her all the time trying to get her out for a new photoshoot cuz us guys are all wanting to see more of her online. As she’s done a lot of work in the past under various names we bring it all together for you here at Asian Babes Database so you can find some sexy stuff from her you may have missed over the years. Or if she’s a new face to you, well, welcome to the internet and enjoy your treasure hunt! She has done hardcore by the way, for Hustler’s Asian fever series. She’s a new addition here at ABD and our team of researchers is still out in the field interviewing people, going through garbage cans and all that detective stuff we do here to find out if there’s anymore Vanessa Ma porn out there.

88Square as Meijii Mala : She did six 90 pic photosets here titled Mighty Mirror, Tub Time, Touseled Sheets, Come Join Me, Piles Of Pink and Those Eyes. She also has two videos; a 14 minutes behind the scenes video titled Behind The Screen #1 and a 12 minute masturbation video titled Self Help #1.
- photoset titles Mighty Mirror, Tub Time, Touseled Sheets, Come Join Me, Piles Of Pink, Those Eyes,
- video titles Behind The Screen #1, Self Help #1

Asian4you as Kesara : Vanessa was known on Asian4you as Kesara back before TBA rechristened her. She did 16 solo nude style photosets for a4u and one masturbation video. There were at least 3 lesbian threesome photosets of Vanessa with Amara Ranipas and another model Lidia but have yet to be uploaded to new Asian4you inside TBA.
- photoset titles kesar01a to kesar16a / lesbian threesome set1, lesbian threesome set 2, lesbian threesome set 3 (no longer available online)
- video titles h-kesara-01a.wmv

The Black Alley as Vanessa Ma : As mention in the a4y bit Vanessa Ma gained her new name, her ABD name on TBA. The 16 photosets she did for them are likely the most recent nude stuff she’s done and among some of her sexiest stuff. Unfortunately no videos have been made of her, or hopefully just not yet released. We’ll update if they one day do.
- photoset titles vanessa-ma-01, vanessa-ma-02 to vanessa-ma-16

Pacific Beauty as Focus : She did one great looking photoset for Pacific Beauty that is downloadable from their new site Pacific Beauty and an additional 2 reported being on their old site before it folded. We’ll update this if and when they decide to upload those two other photosets.
- photoset titles Glamorama, Banana Boat, Afternoon Delight.

Thai Cuties as Rain Sporting a bit of a hippy name Vanessa has 6 100+ image sets at TC plus 1 smaller 24 pictures set. Along with this are two videos one being 7 minutes and the other just under 10 minutes of sexiness in your choice of wmv or mp4 format.
- photoset titles thai_cuties_rain_set2, thai_cuties_rain_set3, thai_cuties_rain_set4, thai_cuties_rain_set5, thai_cuties_rain_set6, thai_cuties_rain_set111, thai_cuties_rain_set112
- video titles thai_cuties_rain_2, thai_cuties_rain_3

Name: Vanessa Ma
Alternate Names: Rain, Naughty Tulip, Ellen Chan, Meijii Mala, Yeung Man Yan, Kesara, Yip Wing Gi, Yeung Man Yan, Focus, Focus Panita
Nationality: Thai
Website Appearances: Asian4you (Kesara), AsiaNude4u (Yeung Man Yan, Ellen Chan), 88Square (Meijii Mala), Shave Asian (Ellen Chan), The Black Alley (Vanessa Ma), Moon Angel (Naughty Tulip), Asian Flower Girl (Naughty Tulip), Thai Cuties (Rain), Pee Asian (Yip Wing Gi, Ellen Chan), Pacific Beauty (Focus), AEScans (Focus Panita)
Has Done Porn?: Yes. Hardcore scene in Asian Fever #24 which you can download from Hustler .

references: Asian Porn Babes, Asian Sex Pix

Asian Girl Sexy Legs

The Asian girl with the sexy legs here is one Miss Vanessa Ma of Asian4you fame. Of course back when she modeled for them she was known as Kesara, they like to change their names up just to confuse us poor old fans of theirs. You can learn more about this long legged Thai babe on her ABD profile linked below. This set by the way is numbered Vanessa Ma 1 and is available in The Black Alley’s members area.

Meijii Mala

The pretty little body parts in these pictures belong to a babe by name of Meijii Mala who you may better know as Vanessa Ma. Her name at 88Square was Meijii Mala and since we at ABD have no idea how to pronounce that we’ve chosen to refer to her as Vanessa. The pics here belong to a photoset called Come Join Me, a very inviting title. If my math is right there’s something like 77 more pics from this series at 88Square.

Focus Panita

This gorgeous Thai babe, ‘Focus Panita’, you may recognize as Vanessa Ma, among a bunch of other names she’s modeled under. These scans are some oldies from AEScan and she shares the name Focus with uhh, her appearance ahh character? on Pacific Beauty . Thanks to Jacques for the info.

Kesara – Asian4you

Here’s some good old pics of Vanessa Ma featured as Kesara at Asian4you back in the day. I for one cannot get enough of this long legged babe and fortunately there’s quite a bit of stuff of her out there. We’ve got lots more of Miss Ma lined up for 2012 so bookmark us if you haven’t yet.

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