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Sora Aoi

In my hearts history the void left by Akira Fubuki’s departure from the adult video was filled by the arrival of a new cute faced, busty beauty by name of Blue Sky. Some of you are probably thinking I’m speaking about a Native North American babe you’ve never heard, I don’t blame you, that’s the first thing I thought of when I found out Sora Aoi’s name means blue sky in her native Japanese. It is just a stage name keep in mind, though i don’t know well enough about Japanese names to know if even non-AV names sound either hippy or native. This was in the beginning of her career when she was just starting out in 2002. She began the usual av idol way, scouted by some eagle eye and talked into getting naked and becoming a big gravure star, sort of the minor leagues for idols. Having excelled there and coming of age to take the step up to the majors an AV production company was quick to get her on film and showing her even naughtier side. And this she did, for a studio called Alice Japan who you may remember had lost their most popular busty star a few years earlier. I think someone at Alice had that same void as me and Sora Aoi was the perfect way to fill it. Well, long history short since her debut in 2002 Sora’s AV career took off fast and she’s since starred in dozens of hardcore movies and stolen the hearts of Japanese AV fans across the world. Her popularity in her own Japan has led her into the big time movie world, finding roles in mainstream cinema and television in Japan and abroad in Korea and Thailand too. I figure it’s only a matter of time ’til we see her on the big screens in the English speaking world in some role calling for a super cute, super busty Asian chick. Lord knows we need more roles like that in movies.

Name: Sora Aoi (Aoi Sora)
Alternate Names: Sola Aoi (Aoi Sola),
Birth Year: 1983
Nationality: Japanese
Website Appearances: JSexNetwork , All Japanese Pass , Asia Movie Pass , SexAsian18
Has Done Porn?: Yes
Any Sora Aoi Uncensored Porn?: -researching-
Porn Movies:

references: Sora Aoi, AV Idols

Sora Aoi Nude

Here’s a few pictures of the busty Sola Aoi. If you’re a fan of hers be sure to bookmark our site for there’s lots more of Sora Aoi nude to come. These images, by the way, are from All Japanese Pass where you can find more of her pictures and quite a few of her porn movies too.

Big Dick Pako Pako

Big Dick PakoPako! was released in April of 2007 and stars Sora Aoi. We’d describe it for you but we’re way too lazy. Besides, we got screenshots below and a picture is worth a whole lotta words.

Sora Aoi Naked

This famous Japanese babe is built like a superheroine from the kinds of comic books I wish I knew about as a pubescent kid. I would have had a lot more incentive to read words gooder had I knowed about thems. If you’d like to see more of Sora Aoi naked check out her ABD file for a lot more sexy pictures.

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