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Sherly Tang

Sherly Tang is a great looking nude Thai model with a fantastic body who has appeared on the websites The Black Alley, Hot Teen Asian and Thai Cuties under 3 different names. More info to come…

Name: Sherly Tang
Alternate Names: Choi Sudham, Lucy Sun, Shirley Tang, Shirly Teng
Nationality: Thai
Breast Status: Silicon enhanced
Website Appearances: The Black Alley (Sherly Tang), Thai Cuties (Lucy Sun), Hot Ten Asians (Choi Sudham)
Has Done Porn?: researching..

At The Black Alley as Sherly Tang: 16 sexy solo nude photosets can be had here, all with over 100 photos each by the looks of it. Doesn’t seem to be any videos or any extras in the VIP zone. Still the most Sherly Tang content under one roof though.
- photoset titles: sherly-tang-01 to sherly-tang-15 and sherly-tang-16

At Thai Cuties as Lucy Sun: We’re going to have to say she’s looking her best at Thai Cuties. The photographer brought out the best in what at normal hotness strength is a lot of sexiness already. There’s 6 photosets of her here along with 2 videos, in one of which she does her best impression of Reon Kadena’s viral video bopping to her beat on an ipod.
- photoset titles: thai_cuties_lucy_sun_set1 (112), thai_cuties_lucy_sun_set2 (113), thai_cuties_lucy_sun_set3 (118), thai_cuties_lucy_sun_set4 (128), thai_cuties_lucy_sun_set5 (112), thai_cuties_lucy_sun_set6 (125),
- video titles: thai_cuties_lucy_sun_1 (11:00), thai_cuties_lucy_sun_2 (13:12)

At Hot Teen Asian as Choi Sudham: A very sexy masturbation video can be found here of Choi all soaped up in the bathtub and then giving her pussy a very vigorous massage to the point she gushes out vaginal fluids aka squirts all over. Kind of overshadows the 4 photosets available a little.
- photoset titles: White Hot (150 pics), Juicy Orange (135 pics), Start Of Summer (151 pics), A Night Out (150 pics)
- video titles: Teen Squirter (14:40)

Sherly Tang – The Black Alley

Introducing Miss Sherly Tang in style here in her plaid booty shorts showing off that tanned and plump little rump so well. This is the most recent photoset I’ve seen online of her so we’re going to be working backwards as we release images from the other 25 photosets she’s done with 3 Thai nude websites. These images are from her 16th and final set at The Black Alley and there’s a few more sweet booty shots of this vixens fine backside.

Asian Girl in Pink Bikini

Wowsers, some very sexy shots of this Asian girl (Sherly Tang) wearing a pink bikini and getting all sexy while stripping from it by a very refreshing looking creek. On a hot day like the one we’re having here in Honolulu that creek water looks very refreshing. I think it’s time for a dip in the pool, if I’m lucky there’ll be a babe there that looks just as good in a bathing suit as Sherly does here. I’ll settle for half as good.

Asian Girl Pink Bikini

Some excellent pictures here of Thai model Sherly Tang stripping off her short jean shorts and cute top outdoors in the exotic Thai jungle. This author’s a big fan of the nude river shoots these guys often do with their models, they’re always great little secluded areas to begin with then they add in the beauty that is woman and the eyes are easily entertained. You can see the rest of these Asian girl pink bikini images at The Black Alley where the full set is available inside their members area. Quite a few more image sets of Miss Sherly to go along with it too.

editors note: oops, double post. seems this is the second time this gallery of miss tang has shown up on our site, let’s see if we can find something else of her..

Super Hot Asian Girl

Alright, I think we’ve found just the gallery to make up for our little boo boo a couple of weeks ago. Better late than never and so late it’s been forgotten but here’s more of Sherly Tang, again photographed by the talented shooters at The Black Alley and looking, I dare say, even better than the last gallery we posted of her. Sherly is one very hot little number and we’ll be certain to post more of this super hot Asian girl in the future!

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