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Sandra Mar

Sandra Mar was a big name on Asian4you and it’s a shame this cutie seems to have not done much modeling after that aside from 2 photosets at AsiaNude4u and one at Pee Asian. One of the those 2 at an4u happens to be simulated sex and is very nice though so she’s left us with some good stuff.

Name: Sandra Mar
Alternate Names: Leung Wing San
Nationality: Thai
Website Appearances: Asian4you (Sandra Mar), AsiaNude4u (Leung Wing San), Pee Asian (Leung Wing San). HKNude (Fung Lai Ming)
Has Done Porn?: Simulated sex photoset available from AsianNude4u, checking on more..

As Fung Lai Ming at HKNude
It seems the 3 softcore photosets of 2 scenes she did for HKNude are now a part of the new AsianNude4u sister sites. The two of her in the Union Jack shirt playing pool is available for download on Pee Asian and the one of her dressed all aboriginal and masturbating with what looks to be too big of a squash for that tiny kitty is on AN4U.

As Leung Wing San at Pee Asian
There’s one softcore photoset here of her in the Union Jack shirt that used to be on the website HK Nude.

As Leung Wing San at AsiaNude4u
Two photosets here, one with her dressed as an aborigine and masturbating with a large squash. The other is the simulated sex photoshoot we spoke of earlier.

Asian Nude – American Flag

This cute Asian babe nude int he American flag top is Sandra Mar and there’s no better day than July 4 to introduce this star to our readership cuz this girls bangin like fireworks. The research departments assures me there’ll be a bio file online of her soon and I see we;ve got quite a few more galleries of her queued up to go so bookmark and check back. This set name is sand13a and is from The Black Alley ‘s members area.

Petite Asian

Here’s some more pics of petite Asian model Sandra Mar. You’ll see she starts out wearing some jean shorts and then strips down to her white panties but sooner than later ends up in the buff showing that muff, the usual way things seem to go in picture series’ posted around here. No complaints yet so we’ll keep bringing the nudity. Lots more prepped and ready for Sandra so check back in on us. This full series by the way, is available from the Asian4you section of The Black Alley and is numtitled sand01a.

Shaved Asian Pussy

Here we have Thai babe Sandra Mar showing off her cleanly shaved Asian pussy. Well, it doesn’t start off clean with that popsicle juice dripping off of it but she does a good job scrubbing up in the bath tub. I’d of given her a tongue bath if I was there. Double yum. We’ve got more of Sandra at the below link.

Asian Girl Banana Fuck

Here be some perverted pictures of the Asian girl banana fuck type. If you’re into dirty food fetish pics you probably just prematurely ejaculated all over the place cuz these are actually some pretty sexy pictures, this coming from a guy that’s not all that into mixing his food with sex. Especially chocolate, that just grosses me out. But oddly enough, here I am intrigued. Great, now I’m probably developing a poop fetish.

The models name is Sandra Mar by the way, and these pics are some oldies but obvious goodies from Asian4you which can be found in full size and full set at The Black Alley

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