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Punce Marisa

This girl has a funny sounding name. That’s all we got, for now..

Name: Punce Marisa
Alternate Names: Ginny, Punce Marisa, Samdy Lam, Pat, Jessica, Chu Mo Yee
Nationality: Thai
Website Appearances: 88Square (Punce Marisa), HKNude (Chu Mo Yee), Asian4you (Ginny), AsiaNude4u (Samdy Lam), Moon Angel (Jessica), Pee Asian (Samdy Lam), Pee Asian (Samdy Lam), Thai Cuties (Pat)
Has Done Porn?: researching..

Hot Asian Tits

Punce Marisa sure does has a pair of hot Asian tits. Wowsers! She shows us in a bit of a photographic striptease here as she slowly cuts off her shirt, revealing some sexy underboob shots of her puffy pillows. And then for all her serial killer fans she cuts off her panties with scissors showing her dark Thai pussy hair. That’s gotta drive the rapists wild! I’ve never even raped myself yet I’m pretty turned on by all that slashed up clothing.

So Miss Pretty Tits name is actually Punce Marisa and you can get the full sized images from the full set at 88Square . This series is called Everything Cut.

Punce Marisa Sex

As Ginny at Asian4you there was no * Punce Marisa sex (*as she’s known at 88Square) or hard series of photographs that we’re aware of but as Samdy Lam at AsiaNude4u there is this little softcore porn set of photographs that she took part in. As you can see it’s all simulated sex but still pretty darn nice. It of course helps helps that she’s pretty darn nice.

Busty Nude Asian

There are some terrific pictures here of this busty nude Asian girl. Wow, what a fantastic body she has. She, by the way, is Punce Marisa and we’re trying to get more of her on the site over the next few weeks. Punce is of course her ABD name while you will see that in these pics from Asian4you she appeared under the alias Ginny. The full set with high quality images is available inside The Black Alley members area if you’re wanting / needing to see more of her.

Big Boobs Asian

Here’s some nice and fresh big boobs Asian girl pictures with breasts courtesy of Punce Marisa in her days as Ginny at Asian4you. She has a great smile and pretty face to go with those big knockers and there’s plenty more of Punce to come to the DB over the following weeks so look forward to that. You can of course always learn more about her from her ABD file linked below or check out her full photosets, in their entirety which is in this case, at The Black Alley The set title is ginn05a to help u on your way.

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