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Petchara Pannarai

A work in progress…

Petchara is one of those babes that naturally radiates a crazy sexual energy. It really shines in her videos though of course you will find her photosets are quite hot too. She has been a fan favourite for years making her name big at home in Thailand in Thai Penthouse before teaming up with Asian4you and becoming their top model. She sports a whole lot of funky tattoos and because of this is not for everyone but those that like it like her a lot. Asian4you photographers must have loved her, I believe she holds the record for most appearances on the site with 50+ photosets available.

The casual surfer may not notice it but she has some scars from a motorbike accident she was in some years ago. the scar on her arm is the most obvious and you’ll see the scars on her knees as well. A lot of it is airbrushed out and I think the tattoos play a role in covering some of them up but they play there role, making her out to look the bad ass, sex crazed maniac we all fantasize she is.

As Petchara at Asian4you :
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As Vivian Lin at 88Square :
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Name: Petchara Pannarai
Alternate Names: Samantha Ho, Kwan Ka Po, Vivian Lin, Petchara, Chan Pik Kit, Mak Kei Kei, Yung Si Yu, Petchara Wanlee, Wong Sze Ka, Chutima Loedpipatwong, Ploy Chalita, May Kan Kan, Ploy Chutima
Nationality: Thai
Website Appearances: 88Square (Vivian Lin), Asian4you (Petchara), AsiaNude4u (Chan Pik Kit & Kwan Ka Po & Samantha Ho), Pee Asian (Kwan Ka Po & Samantha Ho), The Black Alley (Petchara Pannarai), Shave Asian (Kwan Ka Po), Pacific Beauty (Ploy), (Ploy Chutima)
Has Done Porn?: researching

Petchara’s Pussy

Our first post of Petchara Pannarai on ABD will allow you to be so up close to Petchara it’s almost personal. For those of you who haven’t cheated and first looked at the pics before reading the quality, entertaining words you will see by this we mean we have some great closeup shots of Petchara’s pussy on display for you. If you like this fine specimen of female genitalia I recommend checking out The Black Alley where in their Asian4you section you can find around 50 more photosets of the woman it belongs too. These sample pics are from Petchara # 14.

Asian Girl Teddy Bear

This Asian girl with teddy bear is Petchara of Asian4you/TheBlackAlley, probably the last A4y model that could sell me on being innocent enough to rock that stuffed animal image but she’s doing it for me here regardless. She’s not a traditional beauty but she’s a hotty and more than that, she has a wicked sexual aura surrounding her in all her shoots and videos. This girl has probably rocked a few guys worlds in the bedroom.

Nude Asian Fishnets

The nude Asian in fishnets here you’ll probably recognize as Petchara, a popular Thai nude model who evidently looks fantastic in white fish net stockings. Those nice brown legs of hers are just perfect in them, just perfect. You can grab the full set, high quality images from the Asian4you section of The Black Alley if you’re wanting to see more. Also, check out her ABD file to see more of her fine nude modeling. She gets a little naughty sometimes too.

Asian Girl Pigtails

This sexy Asian girl in pigtails you’ll maybe recognize as one Miss Petchara Pannarai. She was made famous by the website Asian4you (now The Black Alley ) a few years ago where she did lots of nude modeling in all sorts of exotic Thai locations wearing cute outfits like this sporty college girl one here.

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