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Patty Oraphan

Patty Oraphan is a naturally medium busty babe from Thailand who has done nude modeling for a few Asian adult sites.

Name: Patty Oraphan
Alternate Names: Eunis Lee, Som Ratchanee, Feng Mei Zhe
Nationality: Thai
Website Appearances: Thai Cuties (Patty Oraphan), AsiaNude4u (Eunis Lee), (Som Ratchanee), Pee Asian (Eunis Lee), The Black Alley (Feng Mei Zhe)
Has Done Porn?: One photoset of simulated sex at AsiaNude4u is all we are aware of.

At The Black Alley as Feng Mei Zhe: Looks to be 8 photosets, solo nude style, lots of variety accompanied by 2 movies you can find in the movies section page 01, one is a striptease video and the other looks to be a masturbation video.
photoset titles: feng-mei-zhe-01 to feng-mei-zhe-08
video titles: feng-mei-zhe-01h (striptease), feng-mei-zhe-02h (private)

At Thai Cuties as Patty Oraphan: TC has 6 solo nude photosets of her, one in a nurse outfit if you’re into playing doctor. Two videos also available for download in a few different formats, no live stream available though or we could describe them better for you but one looks to be a dildo masturbation vid. Sign up and let us know more ;)
photoset titles: thai_cuties_patty_oraphan_set1, thai_cuties_patty_oraphan_set2, thai_cuties_patty_oraphan_set3, thai_cuties_patty_oraphan_set4, thai_cuties_patty_oraphan_set5, thai_cuties_patty_oraphan_set6
video titles: thai_cuties_patty_oraphan_masturbation_1, thai_cuties_patty_oraphan_oiling_1 (both available in wmv or avi)

At Pee Asian as Eunis Lee: Looks to have one photoset here of her outdoors, working her pussy with a dildo and peeing all over the place, of course.
photoset titles: SM1227A

At Asianude4u as Eunis Lee: We count 4 sets here, very sexy stuff including one of her making practice love with a man in An4u’s famous simulated porn style.
photoset titles: SM1227B, SM1227C, SM1227D, SM1243

At iThaiSex as Som Ratchanee: Seems to have the most authentic Thai sounding studio name here at ITS. She has a total of 6 photosets here that we can see.

Thai Girl Nice Breasts

Some pics of Patty Oraphan from a past Thai Cuties appearance to get her started in the database. Patty is a Thai girl with nice breasts whom you may have seen around before. She’s appeared under a few names on a few sites more of which you can learn from her profile. If you’re looking for this full set in it’s high quality form you can download it from Thai Cuties , its name is patty_oraphan_set6 and I believe there to be 5 more full sets to go with it.

Thai Nurse Nude

This Thaio nurse nude just in time for all those Halloween candy overdose stomache aches is Patty Oraphan here appearing at Thai Cuties in a little photoset creatlively titled patty_oraphan_set3. Let’s see if we can find some more Asian nursies for you costume lovers on this dress up day.

Patty Oraphan Sex

Patt Oraphan sex pics is our offering for you today. These simulated hardcore images are taken from the full set on AsiaNude4u where she is known as Eunis Lee. Check out her ABD file for more info on her.

Attractive Thai Girl

We posted pics of this attractive Thai girl a couple days ago. Seems someone from our scheduling department has a little crush. Awwwww. I don’t blame the guy, she’s a looker and has a great pair of tits and I certainly wouldn’t mind joining her in that old school bath tub for some old school lovin.

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