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Natt Chanapa

Name: Natt Chanapa
Alternate Names: Kesarin Chaichalermpol, Nat Kesarin, Natty, Natalia, Isabella Wong, Nong Natt, Nong Nat, Chew Chow San, Lo Ue Fang, Natt Kessrin Chaichaleampol, แนท เกศริน, Natalie Chai
Similar Babes: Mo Chada, Natalie Wang
Nationality: Thai
Website Appearances: 88Square (Natt Chanapa), Thai Cuties (Natt Chanapa), iThaiSex (Natty), AsiaNude4u (Isabella Wong), Pee Asian (Chew Chow San, Lo Ue Fang, Cown Su Man), Cute Mag (Natt Kessrin Chaichaleampol, แนท เกศริน), Thai Magazines (Nett Kesarin, Nat Kesarin), The Black Alley (Natalie Chai)
Has Done Porn?: Yes. Hardcore video simply titled Natt Chanapa Pattaya Hotel that can be found floating around the net in terrible qualities. A high quality version of the vid can be downloaded from 88Square. Asian4you has lots of naughty stuff of her including a decent blowjob video and 8 porn photosets from their famous hard series with her getting stuffed by cock. She’s done some masturbation stuff too, with one video each on both 88 and a4y. She also starred in Tokyo Hunter #19 which I believe is the video where she gets fingercuffed by two dudes, it’s pretty hot. Pleasure Islands #14 is I think the video where she gets fucked on the beach, or is it the shower, maybe both? I really gotta do my homework for this writing gig. There are two more underground Thai videos of her getting fucked but I’m not sure where to find them and what their names are. We’ll update this when our staff crosses paths with them again.

Biography and Information
I first discovered Natt Chanapa online back around 2005 on a then little known site called 88Square. She stole the show on that site, which wasn’t easy as they had a great lineup of Asian babes. She’s easily the most popular nude Asian model outside of Japan and North America as she has the body of a goddess. It’s not even that she’s more beautiful than other online nude models it’s something about all of her put together that I think brings out the primeval side in all males to want to procreate or at least practice their procreation skills solo in the privacy of whatever room their computer is in. Home girl has body, an especially rare figure for a girl from Thailand. Before seeing Natt Chanapa I had never thought it was possible for little Asian babes to be as voluptuous as she so obviously is. It would be my guess that Natt Chanapa alone bolstered the Thai tourism agency in the mid 2000’s by at least a few percentage points. It’s a theory I have that guys are controlled by their dicks. I know, real original theory right? But I mean it goes deeper than the obvious. If Iraq had websites like 88Square and Asian4you showcasing their Natt Chanapa’s and Sora Aoi’s to the world back before 2003 I’m pretty sure a lot less nations would have been on board the ‘coalition of the willing’. Nobodies gonna bomb Japan, we all seen the women they have their, there’s just no way we’d want to risk harming Japanese treasures like the female models in their AV industry. We’d spend a lot more effort talking things out. Basically what I’m saying is with a lot more Natt Chanapa’s in this world from every country this would be a more peaceful planet. But I’ve strayed off topic, though I think I could work Natt Chanapa into just about any conversation I should probably put the focus back on her more.

In 2005 Natt got into some trouble over a video I’m sure we’ve all seen that took place in a hotel room in Thailand somewhere. Yes, this was a full blown porn movie featuring her and some very lucky Japanese dude. This was viral porn at it’s finest example as once it hit the net just about every dude had a copy on his hard drive somewhere. From the Natt Chanapa fans just waiting for her to get more risque to the dudes that had yet to hear of her she became internet famous very quickly. But she’s from Thailand and Thai law is still stuck in the past. So naturally with the popularity of this video it was only a matter of time before someone somewhere complained that the Thai government was doing nothing to enforce their draconian anti-porn laws. Natt Chanapa was dragged into court and it became quite the media spectacle in Thailand and South East Asia for she had accumulated quite the fan base. Long story short, she got off easy with a basic slap on the wrist but was warned not to do anything more of this nature thus forcing her to keep a low profile and this my friends is why we’re not seeing a whole lot of new stuff from her these days. The courts there would not be so sympathetic the second time around and would be forced to make an example of her. I for one am happier knowing she’s walking around free and fit and not wasting that body away in a jail cell in some hole of a prison. I may not get to see that amazing body anymore but I’m happy somebody does everyday. That’s true love right?

In late 2009 Natt reportedly did a short lived return to the nude modeling world with a release of around 6 photosets on the popular Asian nudes website Thai Cuties . I say reportedly because I’m still not certain these pics weren’t taken before her legal troubles and released a little later when the heat had died down. Regardless they are the newest stuff you’ll find of her online and here’s hoping to a whole lot more one day, provided she can do so without incarceration.

Update – The Black Alley now has the newest stuff of Natt, being shot in 2010 it seems. She has a super slimmed down figure these days but still looks real bangin. Read more in about her TBA synopsis below.

As Natalia at Asian4you: Natt began to make her name online with Asian4you, as so many other Thai models have and galleries of her photosets could be found bookmarked in many a duders browser. Keep in mind the below all comes included with a Black Alley membership, read that paragraph for more info on her A4Y/TBA stuff. Also of note is her blowjob video here.

Asian4you Photoset Titles – Softcore Nudes
nata01a nata02a nata03a* nata04a
nata05a nata06a nata07a nata08a
nata09a nata10a nata11a nata12a
nata13a nata14a nata15a nata16a
nata17a nata18a nata19a nata20a
nata21a nata22a
*nata03a missing so only 21 of the original 22 sets are available
Asian4you Photoset Titles – Hard Series
hard36a hard37a hard38a hard39a
hard48a hard49a hard50a hard52a
Asian4you Video Titles
nata-bjv1a to nata-bjv1c natalia-pvv04a to natalia-pvv05c
nata-pvv2a & nata-pvv2b nata-pvv3a to natapvv3c
nata-pvv1a to nata-pvv1c
note -a4y divided their videos into smaller clips

As Natt Chanapa at 88Square: 88 was the only site that released the high quality Pattaya hotel sex video that was so famous for a few years. There came after many low quality versions shared on fiesharing sites and through torrents but the true original can be found here along with a popular masturbation video and 6 photosets that are probably the most well known pictures of Miss Chanapa online.

88Square Photoset Titles
Motion Lotion (Lady Plays With Lotion) Home Worker (Horny Office Lady)
Gym Time (Sexy Model Doing Exercise) Soft Light (Naked Girlin Soft Light)
Hot Water (Hot Babe On Water Pipes) Sattelite Dish (Nudist Climbing Satellite Dish)
note – in parenthesis are the original titles, since renamed
88Square Video Titles
Hardcore #1 (the famous Pattaya hotel sex scandal video, high quality) Self Help #1 (another famous video, masturbation)

As Natt Chanapa at Thai Cuties: For a while Thai Cuties held the title of having had the most recent nude Natt Chanapa pictures. They originally posted some older stuff in 2008 taken by what looks like one of the iThaiSex photographers, probably around the same time they shot their own photos. Then two years later TC released some more good, fresh stuff. Unfortunately no videos for those who prefer the moving pictures.

Thai Cuties Photoset Titles
natt_chanapa_set1 natt_chanapa_set2 natt_chanapa_set3
natt_chanapa_set4 natt_chanapa_set211 natt_chanapa_set212
natt_chanapa_set221 natt_chanapa_set222 natt_chanapa_set231
natt_chanapa_set232 natt_chanapa_set241 natt_chanapa_set242
natt_chanapa_set251 natt_chanapa_set252 natt_chanapa_set26
set 1-4 are from 2008, the triple digit ones are from 2010

As Natalie Chai at The Black Alley: Natalia made a surprising return to the nude modeling world at The Black Alley. She’s sporting an entirely new figure here, still busty but very slimmed down. There’s not a lot of models outside of Silcon Valey that have gone through such dramatic shifts in their figure over their careers with the LA girls cycling between weight loss pills to binge eating to lyposeuction etc. Hopefully Natt is just keeping fit and doing it right, in the gym. Anyways, at this time of writing you will find 5 solo nude sets of Natt in the TBA models section with a very generous amount of pics per set. In addition to this, for the loyal VIP members there are 3 more photosets in the VIP section.

The Black Alley Photoset Titles
natalia-chai-01 natalia-chai-02 natalia-chai-03
natalia-chai-04 natalia-chai-05
* Natalie Chai # P03 * Natalie Chai # 01m * Natalie Chai # 02m
starred titles available only in VIP section
The Black Alley Video Titles
Natalie Chai # V.01 Natalie Chai # V.02 Natalie Chai # V.03
Natalie Chai # V.04


Natt Chanapa Links

The following is a list of links to galleries, movies, information and stuff about Natt Chanapa.

View Natt Chanapa’s full ABD profile here

Natt Chanapa Picture Galleries

Gallery 01 – Natt Chanapa at 88Square
Gallery 02 – Natt Chanapa at Thai Cuties
Gallery 03 – Big hat, big tits
Gallery 04 – See through dress
Gallery 05 – Big tits, big bead chain
Gallery 06 – Nude on jungle porch
Gallery 07 – Summer dress strip off
Gallery 08 – New Natt Chanapa pics
Gallery 09 – Natt all Chinese styled
Gallery 10 – Nong Nat in green thong
Gallery 11 – Nice booty pics
Gallery 12 – Thai cuties shirt and heels
Gallery 13 – Jean shorts and pink shirt
Gallery 14 – Exercising with jump rope

Natt Chanapa Movies

Videos 01 – From an 88Square movie
Videos 02 – Natt Chanapa porn movie
Videos 03 – Porn video with Natt Chanapa
Videos 04 – 88Square sex video

Natt Chanapa Nude

I remember this nude gallery of Natt Chanapa on a rooftop in a red dress and high heels sparking some debate on a message board when 88Square first released it. It was her beautiful breasts which started the discussion, the question was ‘are Natt Chanapa’s breasts real or fake?’ It may seem like a pretty obvious answer seeing as she’s way too incredibly skinny here to naturally possess titties of that size. The consensus was that they were fake, but this author is still holding out some fantasy of hope that with her being a bit of a goddess her tits are blessedly natural as well. My brain tells me they’re silicone but not all of it agrees. Most likely they’re fake and she just visited a good plastic surgeon like they do have in Thailand if you’ve got a lot of baht. My thinking is her and Mo Chada both visited the same tit doctor and Natt came out with the better pair, not to say Mo Chada doesn’t have a nice rack herself, it’s just that Natalia won the lottery on this deal.

Natalia Chai – The Black Alley

I’m supposed to be the resident expert for Thai girls on the site but somehow the fact Natt Chanapa did a new shoot for The Black Alley totally passed me by and was discovered by a member of our research staff, an freaking intern of all people. Very embarrassing for me, while at the same time very pleasing to find new Natt Chanapa pictures. Yea so anyways, I’ve been whacking off all day to these Natalia Chai Black Alley pictures, sorry if any of them are still sticky.

editors note: our bonehead writer messed up her TBA alias, it should be Natalie Chai, not Natalia

Natalia Chai

Some of you may have read our last Natt Chanapa / Black Alley post about her having done some work for them. Her studio name there is Natalia Chai and as you can see she’s looking as bombastic as ever. She is at about the skinniest she’s ever been in her career and looks more sporty than busty which is an interesting change. Her breasts are a little smaller her too, with the weight loss and I have gotta say that lends a lot to those who argue her breasts are real and not silicone implants. But I’m not checking out her breasts so much here to weigh in on anything, I’m all about her legs and how fantastic they’re looking in this high heels. Natalia Chai, my oh my.

editors note: again, her TBA alias is Natalie Chai, not Natalia, our mistake

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