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Mo Chada

Mo Chada is a young Thai woman blessed with some striking female features, those striking features primarily being 2 big fat titties which she’s been nice enough to share with us in hundreds of delightful photographs on Thai Cuties, The Black Alley and the An4u family. I suppose I shouldn’t say she as blessed with as her tits are obviously of the plastic variety. I think if I were to rewrite this I would probably say she ‘has blessed us with some striking female features’ but I really don’t get paid enough to go back and redo things. Anyways, according to her biography withing TBA she likes knitting, long bubble baths and anal sex but it doesn’t state which order of preference that is in. If I were her I’d probably do the knitting first and anal sex after, I imagine its uncomfortable to sit and knit after taking it in the ass. Probably save the bubble bath for after to get scrubbed up after an anal session. Actually, maybe the bubble bath first to relax the sphincter muscles, knit while I was in the tub then the ass sex, then another bath after. Yea, I bet that’s what she does on a date.

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As Mo Chada at Thai Cuties : This site is where Mo Chada picked up this studio name and may be best known from. She did 16 photosets total, 12 solo nude types and 4 hardcore. There’s also 2 videos, one of her in the shower and another with her working her box with a dildo.
Mo Chada 1 to Mo Chada 6 (softcore) / Mo Chada 21 to Mo Chada 23 and Mo Chada 24 (hardcore) / Mo Chada 31 to Mo Chada 36 (more softcore)

As Yorina Zen at The Black Alley : You’ll find 19 solo nude style sets of ‘Yorina’ in the TBA models area, lots of variety in outfits and locations as usual with The Black Alley. You’ll also find 7 videos, 4 ‘privates’, 2 masturbation’s and 1 behind the scenes.

As Noelle Choi at AsiaNude4u, Pee Asian and Shave Asian : Research reports 1 photoset of ‘Noelle’ at each site. The Shave Asian one being of her shaving her pussy bald and the Pee Asian of course being of her squatting to pee.

Name: Mo Chada
Alternate Names: Noelle Choi, Yorina Zen
Similar Babes: Natt Chanapa, Natalie Wang
Nationality: Thai
Silcone Status: We’re going to go with fake, final answer
Website Appearances: Thai Cuties (Mo Chada), Shave Asian (Noelle Choi), The Black Alley (Yorina Zen), Pee Asian (Noelle Choi), AsiaNude4u (Noelle Choi)
Has Done Porn?: Yes, 4 hardcore picture sets at Thai Cuties with her fucking a dude with no condom. Must be Catholics.

Mo Chada Sex

Here be our first post of the busty Mo Chada. We thought we’d start off off strong and post one of her hardcore sex photo shoots she did for Thai Cuties. Hot stuff. These previews are more of a tease, the real porn pics are inside the members area, full hardcore, condomless oral and vaginal penetration. Such a naughty lass!

Naked Girl On Rock

Today we thought we’d post some pictures of a naked girl on a rock. I’m not sure how comfortable it would be being naked with your butt on a rock but Mo Chada, one with nature and ever the professional, manages to do so without any sign of discomfort. Check out Thai Cuties for the full set these pics came from and others like it and like her.

Nude Girl Fishing

Today we have Mo Chada starring as ‘Nude Girl Fishing’ in this riverside scene she starred in for the photographers at Thai Cuties a while back. I’ve seen some sex photos of hers from Thai Cuties and in those I always thought she handled a rod like a pro but now seeing her here with an actual fishing pole I’m going to have to take that back, the way she’s holding that thing all dainty-like I would wager she went home hungry that night. I would like to add something about her being cock hungry and maybe make some more juvenile plays on words with rod and pole but I’m not very good at making ha ha’s, my stand up attempts have always ended with people telling me to sit down.

Asian Girl Playing With Cock

A couple of days ago you probably thought we were just kidding about how Mo Chada handles a pole. Well here you have, from Asian Girl Fishing to Asian Girl Playing With Cock in just two days, we;re here to please, as is Miss Chada evidently. These pics are again from Thai Cuties and in looking over her abd file now it seems they’ve got the best collection of this busty Thai beauties work, from softcore to the hardcore you see here.

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