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Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa is the current Queen of Japanese AV and one look at her you know why. She’s a real beauty, a fine blend of Japanese and French-Canadian aged to a perfectly ripe 25 years. Weezer once said ‘Goddamn you half Japanese girls, you do it to me everytime’ and those words couldn’t have been better written for anyone than Maria Ozawa. She does it to this author every time she comes out with a new video or photo spread and I know I’m not alone, one search on google will show you millions of results, all with webpages filled with photos and news of this babes every career move and public appearance. If you’re savvy enough you might just come across her own personal blog in that search, or if you’re reading this you can just lick that link. Though she speaks fluent English it will help if you understand Japanese as that’s what it’s written in. If you’re a real superstalker you can check out her old blog too, it dates back before her earliest posts on her new blog and I hear from the superstalker network there’s an even older blog somewhere. Sorry boys, I have to stop there, I asked her if I could post her facebook but she said it’s just for friends and super handsome dudes like me.

To dispense with the background info you’re probably just going to skip over to get to the pictures and videos I’ll begin with her entry to the adult world which was in 2005 for the famous studio S1. She used the name Miyabi back then and some of the photobooks she did then are her sexiest photos to date, we’ll be sure to include some here. I think recognizing her voracious sexual appetite the gentlemen behind the scenes transferred her to another company where she got into some crazy porn stuff that made bukkake look tame with everything from tentacle rape to tranny gangbangs. Having done just about everything a girl can do in porn Maria has been looking at moving into bigger things and has made moves to get into TV and has done some lower budget films in what looks like a stepping stone to bigger things. With her ability to speak English combined with her movie star good looks and killer body she should have a bright future ahead of her somewhere in the entertainment world.

Name: Maria Ozawa
Alternate Names: Miyabi
Birth Year: 1986
Nationality: Japanese with Canadian father
Website Appearances: All Japanese Pass , Asia Movie Pass , JSexNetwork , Yes Movies , SexAsian18 , Jav Model
Has Done Porn?: Yes
Any Maria Ozawa Uncensored Porn?: Yes – Tora-Tora Platinum Vol.49, Tora-Tora Platinum Vol. 52, Jonetsu Tairiku, Member’s Soap, Meath Note, Platinum?, Beautiful Platinum Beauty
Photobooks: researching..
Porn Movies: 6 Costume Play, 20 Nakadashi Shots, 24 Hour Communal Life, 100 Continuous Insertions, 2009 Thanksgiving Bako Bako Bus Trip, Acme Veterinary Touch, Agonizing Orgasm, American School Girl #11, Anal Sex, Anal Slave Enema Spray, Announcers Nakadashi, Bako Promiscuity 16, Beautiful Platinum Beauty, Beautifully, Black Man Sex, Come To My Home, Deep, Deep Throat Teacher, Delusional Special Bath, Diagreeable Woman 5, Dream Women DX, E-Body, English Teacher, Fashion Model Maria (23), Female Ninja Ninjitsu, Female Urine Idol, G Style 7, GangBang 3Mix, Glamorous Sex, Japan F1 Grand Prix, Jonetsu Tairiku, Juicy Honey, Kire Na Sex, Lady Panther 6, Lbian, Legend, Lewd Body Hard Sex, Lewd Flesh, Magic Mirror Box Car, Meath Note, Member’s Soap, Narcotics Agent Maria, New Face, New Nude 05, Pacifier Venus, Pako Pako Aviation, Platinum (tora tora platinum?), Pro Wrestling Extra Vol.2, Queen Of Bukkake Sperm Paint, Racing Swimwear Lovers, Risky Mosaic , Risky Performance, S1 Collection 1, S1 Girls Big Boob Collection, S1 Hyper Risky Mosaic Special, School Love, Sex On The Beach, Sex On The Beach Compilation, Sky Angel (Uncensored), Slave Town Chapter 2, Soapland With Maria Ozawa, Super 5 Class Idols, Super High Class King Game, Super Thin Mosaic, Temptation Fuck, The Best Of Cast Superstars, The Geisha, The Queen of DAS, Tora-Tora Platinum Vol.49, Tora-Tora Platinum Vol. 52, Transexual Sexual Assault, Twin Palace, Ultra Luxury Toilet Meat, Unlimited BakoBako, VIP Star, W Cast Lesbian, When You Thrust Inside Me

Agonizing Orgasm, Endless Shiofuki

Agonizing Orgasm, Endless Shiofuki is a Japanese porn DVD starring Maria Ozawa. Basing my review on the box art it seems to be about an innocent young pornstar named Maria who gets attacked and raped by dozens of dildos and sex toys. It’s produced by the studio DAS known for some edgy shit. Polar opposite to her former studio, S1. It reportedly also features the following; blowjob, bondage, cum, group, hardcore, insertions and uniform.

Maria Ozawa Pictures

Alright lesbians and gentlemen, here’s the first of what will be a lot of Maria Ozawa pictures. Been living under a rock and don’t know who this half Japanese babe is? Check out her Asian Babes Database file to learn and see more, we’ll be adding a tonne over time.

American School Girl #11

Maria Stars in this DVD titled American School Girl 11 which is said to feature the following; blowjob, cum, tits, group, hardcore, softcore, insertions and uniform.

Maria Ozawa Nude

In continuing on with our Maria Ozawa nude pictures rollout here we have image gallery number 2. You’ll notice in these pictures Maria is looking super sexy and with that being unnecessarily said we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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