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Lolita Cheng

Lolita Cheng is an Innocent looking Thai nude model probably most well known by her appearance on The Black Alley when they came about.

Name: Lolita Cheng
Alternate Names: Num Tip Sanya, Vivian Cheung, Martiny May, Loli Cheng
Nationality: Thai
Website Appearances: The Black Alley (Lolita Cheng), AsiaNude4u (Vivian Cheung), Shave Asian (Vivian Cheung), 88Square (Martiny May), Hot Ten Asians (Num Tip Sanya)
Has Done Porn?: We know of one softcore, simulated sex set available for download from AsianNude4u but that is all we can come up with, so far..

Lolita Cheng – The Black Alley

We were a little uncomfortable referring to this babe by her real fake name but after a quick google we realized it’s a legitimate name in many cultures and doesn’t mean what most of us in the west take it to mean. So many good names ruined by others. A real shame one can’t name their kid Adolf these days, cultural sensitivities being what they are and all. Not that Adolf is the coolest sounding name in the world anyways but I can legally call my kid Rock or Tank and he’d get through life fine with either.

But this post got sidetracked. I’m supposed to be talking up Lolita here and what a fine Thai female specimen she is. How about I just let the pictures do the talking for me. These are from the numtitled set lolita-cheng-02 at The Black Alley .

Cute Asian Girl Park

This cute Asian girl at the park in the nude is Lolita Cheng and she’s another of the more popular models that has posed for the photographers at The Black Alley And she’s posed quite a bit so if you’re wanting more of her their members area is the place to satisfy your needs.