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Lin Si Yee

Lin Si Yee is a lot of guys favourite nude Thai model and one look at her you can tell why. For this author it was the same until viewing a few years ago a softcore porn video featuring her. The video was great but there was this 2 second cut of her practicing her eyebrow seduction and it just came off looking ridiculous. Ever since then my dick just doesn’t have the same spring it once had for her. But ever the professional I write this as unbiased as one would expect a super duper pro star award winning Asian Babes Database writer to do. Having said all that I now suffer from writers block… we go… It’s fairly obvious that Lin had her tits done at some early point in her career. There are photos out there of her pre-augmented and we’ll be sure to post them here on APB for the highly scientific silicone research we like to do here. Being another girl that uses a Chinese name as her modeling name and the fact she definitely looks to be of Chinese heritage I would say for sure Lin Si Yee is probably not just using a cool kung fu name (I have a few myself, Long Dong Li being my personal favourite) As she’s one of the more popular models out there she has been contracted for some great photoshoots with all the big Thai babes sites and our research team will break them all down for you below. I’ve heard she’s quite the diva and demands a lot for exclusive appearances on these sites and good for her in doing so, a babe like this should not sell herself short. There hasn’t been much new stuff of her come out in the last couple of years, hopefully when the global economy gets back on track and people are spending freely again the Thai nude sites will be lighting up her phone to get her back on the front pages of their sites.

Name: Lin Si Yee
Alternate Names: Shun Wing Shan, Sutti Dawongarrn
Common Misspellings: Lin Se Yee, Lin Se Yi, Lin Si Lee, Lyn Se Lee, Lyn Se Li etc.
Silicone Status: Fake titties with older stuff of her sporting her natural breast size
Nationality: Thai (reports of her being everything from Chinese to Taiwanese to Burmese and Korean)
Website Appearances: Thai Cuties (Lin Si Yee), Pee Asian (Shun Wing Shan?), AsiaNude4u (Shun Wing Shan), Asian4you (Lin Si Yee), The Black Alley (Lin Si Yee), AEScans (Sutti Dawongarrn, Ae, Ae Suttida, Suttida Wonggarn, Joy Janjira, Janjira Tanawan)
Has Done Porn?: Yes, researching

references: Asian Girls Archive, this website and Asian Sweety

Lin Si Yee Before Implants

I came across an old picture of Lin Si Yee on a forum recently and had to track down the full set to be sure it was indeed her. I eventually found the entire image series on a somewhat amateur Asian porn site called My Cute Asian . Using the Asian Porn Database’s highly scientific means of identification (counting freckles) we have determined it is without a doubt her. We’ve since learned these pics come from the days before she learned to better apply makeup (she was really selling herself short here) and wasn’t attracting the cream of the crop for photographers. You’ll also notice her tits are a lot smaller here than the pics you are likely used to seeing of her around the net. Our theory at APB is she grabbed the cash from this shoot and went to the first two-for-one breast doctor she could find. There was no rush Lin baby, we were liking your tits just fine before the adjustment. Smaller isn’t always badder and bigger certainly isn’t always better. We’ll try to dig up some more stuff from the Lin Si Yee before breast implants days.

editors note: here’s another gallery we posted of Lin before she had the boob job

Lin Si Yee Lesbian

I was just surfing this Asian Lesbian blog and was reminded of this old photoset of Lin Si Yee and Joy aka Jody Lang in some nice Asian lesbian pictures. This series of pics are some of my favourites online and have been for years. I took these ones from the Thai Cuties members area but as they are non-exlcusive they can also be found on All Asians, Asian Sweety and ThaiChix amongst a few other Asian porn sites. I know of at least one other Lin See Yi lesbian photoshoot out there and I’ll try and track down some pics from that for a future update.

Lin Si Yee Asian4you

It’s been a while since we threw out a Lin Si Yee Asian4you update so here are some sample pics from her set titled lins07a. As always the full image set in a higher resolution and bigger picture size can be found inside the A4y section of The Black Alley . I went with these pics as the lead off of her A4u stuff cuz that schoolgirl uniform she has on is pretty dang cute. Not sure what a college girl is doing in the woods all alone and why this creep is taking pictures of her through the trees though. Seems she got lucky, this could have been the very last bunch of photographs ever taken of her. Best part of this set is the end when after playing with her pussy a bit she smells her fingers. I left that pic in there for some giggles.

Lin Si Yee and Joy

That post we did a few months back of Lin Si Yee with Joy (known on ABD as Jody Lang) was one of our most popular to date. So popular we just had to post more. This was one of the most shared galleries back in the day when it first hit the net and really helped raise the online star status of Lin See Yi, and how could it not? Double dildo, lesbian kissing and I think, depending on you angle viewing these pics, Lin’s tongue actually touches Joys asshole. Naughty, naughty.. and so nice!

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