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Kaila Wang

This chiseled Thai babe has a deep beauty that really isn’t seen on first glance. Working with her pictures here in the office I found this out for myself and was speaking to some of the guys in the graphics department about it. At first they thought she was a post op tranny and we all admitted we felt a little embarrassed finding her attractive as we worked more on her ABD stuff. But in the end we are all out of the closet on the issue, Kaila Wang is a babe, exotic beauty defined. Fortunately for us she’s done quite a bit of work for the usual Thai nude sites so we, and you lucky ABD followers, will be seeing quite a bit of her as time rolls by.

Name: Kaila Wang
Alternate Names: Bella Yong, Yeung Pa Wai, Ylang Ylang
Birth Year:
Website Appearances: The Black Alley (Kaila Wang), Asian4you (Kaila Wang), AsiaNude4u (Yeung Pa Wai), Moon Angel (Ylang Ylang), 88Square (Bella Yong, Aum), Pee Asian (Yeung Pa Wai), HKNude (Kwok Pui Ching, Poon Wai Kwan?)
Has Done Porn?: researching

Kaila Wang at 88Square

In introducing Kaila Wang to you we’re going to be showing you her on 88Square where she appeared as Bella Yong. Same babe, different name, the usual in the Thai modeling world. We think we got some good pics lined up here of her, some great ones of her tight Asian ass for sure. She’s also got a great pair of legs which we’ll have to better showcase in a future gallery.

These pics are from the set titled 88Square Reception from 88Square and there should be around 70 more in even higher quality than the samples you have found here.

Bella Yong – 88Square

Bella Yong of 88Square is known better around these parts as Kaila Wang. She’s gone by quite a few names in her modeling career, most which we have listed in her ABD file to clear things up for you fans of hers. The pics in this sample gallery were taken from the full set titled Sexy Afternoon which you can browse or download one by one or as a zip file from the 88Square members area.

Traditional Asian Dress Nude

A traditional Asian dress that nude model Kaila Wang is maybe a little too quick to get out of. As great as it look son the floor I was rather enjoying seeing her in it. Rest assured the full photoset has more pictures of her sexy slim figure sporting it well and for guys like me that like that traditional Asian look you shall enjoy it. It’s over at The Black Alley inside her Asian4you section, her first set she did for them back in the day so get over there if you want to check it out.

Kaila Wang The Black Alley

Here’s some more sexy pictures of the exotic Kaila Wang at The Black Alley. If you’re into this babe with those lomng legs and sharp exotic features TBA is the best place for her but not the only place, have a look at her ABD file to see where else you can track down her stuff.

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