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Iris Dragon

Iris is another Thai babe that thinks she some sort of spy chick or something with her using a half dozen different aliases and all. I’ve always referred to her by her 88Square name, Ae Marikarn, cuz it sounded more authentically Thai and her 88 photographs were what left the biggest impression on me. I loved that little nose ring she was fond of wearing back then, it was pretty cute and helped make her a standout in my eyes and that’s why when the editors of the Asian Babes Database asked me to come on board I pushed to include her in the Top 25 Thai babes.

She’s since made a return to the Asian4you collection doing quite a few photo shoots with the photographers at The Black Alley where she’s picked up a new last name, Dragon. That’s a pretty bad ass name, Iris Dragon and I’ve decided to go with that over Ae Marikarn as it is a little more memorable. She’s also done some porn since then and added a few more tattoos so Iris Dragon is very suiting to her new online persona I’d say. I’m hoping she does a lot more stuff in the future and will for sure come back and update her pages here on APB when she does.

As Iris Asian4you: Quite a few pic sets her from her early days. She must have been between 18 and 20 when she did work for Asian4you, real fresh faced and cute in these photos.

As Ae Marikarn 88Square: This is easily the best stuff she’s done and she’s been back to 88 a few times over the years. You can check this page to see some of what she’s done, recall she models under Ae Marikarn there. In shirt she did 16 photosets including 4 hardcore and 6 very hot lesbian sets with Yoko Hasegawa. Both the lesbian and hardcore boy/girl shoots have sub-produced videos shot of most if not all the scenes and they’re hot as fuck. 88Square is the first place I’d sign up for if doing so solely for Iris Dragon content.

As Iris Dragon The Black Alley: I wasn’t a big fan of the post production of the photos here. The scenes and settings and outfits are all great, just something they did withh photoshop to what would otherwise have been fantastic pictures of her. At the time of writing these sets were the newest work shes done and she still looking fine as ever.

Name: Iris Dragon
Alternate Names: Iris, Ae Marikarn, Ae, Joey Wong, Lung Sin Ling, Catleya, Kate Lien Dang
Nationality: Thai
Website Appearances: 88Square (Ae Marikarn), Asian4you (Iris), Moon Angel (Catleya), (Joey Wong), Hot Ten Asians (Kate Lien Dang), Thai Cuties (Iris), HKNude (Lung Sin Ling / Wan Ma Lee)
Has Done Porn?: Yes. 88Square has some excellent hardcore videos of her and accompanying photosets as well as a lot of lesbian video and photo. She also had a scene in Hustler’s Asian Fever #18. more info to come..

reference: Thai Vixen, Asian Lesbians

Iris Dragon – The Black Alley

Here’s some sample pics taken from a sweet outdoor session on the beach somewhere in paradise. Must be a pretty secluded strip of sand cuz Iris Dragon gets all naked and naughty for the camera. Lots more pics from this setting available inside TBA.

Pretty Thai Girl

Iris Dragon is the pretty Thai girl in these here nude pictures. These are but samples from a 90 pic set available on the great 88Square where she is known as Ae Marikarn. The sets name is Unlucky Card Player and is among this authors favourites of her.

Iris Dragon Nude

Here’s some fresh Iris Dragon nude pics for you salivating fans of hers. These are samples from a 104 picture set of her lying around nude, riverside in a very authentic looking Thai locale. The pics are a little orange but that’s alright, some great shots of here her including her fantastic little ass which seems to have gotten a little more cushiony and nice since her first time around with Asian4you. These by the way are from The Black Alley and the set is simply numbered as Iris Dragon 01.

Hot Thai Babe

Todays hot Thai babe is brought to you once again by 88Square where so many lovely Thailand girls can be found. This outdoor nude photo set of Ae Marikarn aka Iris Dragon can be found under the title Pinky In The Garden and is part of a full 90 photographs inside their members area.

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