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Cookie Wanwalee

Cookie is a petite Thai girl that has done quite a bit of nude photo work for the popular Asian softcore porn sites over the years. She has the tattoos of an ex-convict but still manages to pull off some cute innocence to her look and her photographers love to play that up. I would say she’s most recognizable by her scorpion tattoo on her left upper breast, she’s had it so long I suspect she may have been born with it.

Cookie Wanwalee 88square: This author first saw Cookie on 88Square. This was back in the day when 88 was a new site, Cookie was one of their first models and her photosets there were some of my favourites. She did 6 photosets the first time around and 1 behind the scenes video of all those shoots combined. Her second appearance came a few years later. Those were at a time when 88Square was using what must have been a transvestite makeup artist cuz all the girls came out looking like they had clown paint on. Needless to say nothing from her second appearance made my top ten Cookie Wanwalee pictures list. She also did a new behind the scenes video to go with those new pictures. So in total, 13 photosets and 2 behind the scenes videos can be had here.
- Photoset Titles: Cookie’s Christmas, Budding Artist, At The Gym, Morning Delight, A New Man, Sexy Panties, Cookie Returns, Sexy Player, Beach Bum, Food Fucker, Tree Lover, Piss Pot, Beach Walker
- Video Titles: Behind The Screen #1, Behind The Screen #2

Cookie Wanwalee Asian4you as Jenis: She did some great stuff here for the A4y photogs. She also did at least one video which has stuck in my mind since first viewing of her giving a pretty damn fine blowjob to one very lucky recipient. Homegirl gives great head and that video alone made my membership there worthwhile. Well, everything at Asian4you made my membership worthwhile, that site was legendary and it’s good to see it back online as TBA. In the members area you will find 6 sets named from jenis 01-06 and 16 titled from jeni 01-14 for a total of 20 solo sets. She did 4 simulated lesbian sets with Iris Dragon named Iris and Jenis 01-04. A very pleasant surprise for our research team are the two shoots she did of hardcore sex with a male model in the A4y hard series divided into 4 sets from #’s 77 to 80.
- Photoset Titles: jenis 01-06, jeni 01-14, Iris and Jenis 01-04, Hard 77, Hard 78, Hard 79, Hard 80

Name: Cookie Wanwalee
Alternate Names: Jenis, Kinki Wong, Chow Ka Man, Kem Wai Cha, Choi Ma Lea, Gigi Chamroon, Katya Vu, Gigi, Ganyanee
Nationality: Thai
Website Appearances: 88Square (Cookie Wanwalee), Asian4you (Jenis), Moon Angel (Katya Vu), (Gigi Chamroon), AsiaNude4u (Kinki Wong), Shave Asian (Chow Ka Man, Kinki Wong), HKNude (Kem Wai Cha, Choi Ma Lea), All Asians (Ganyanee)
Has Done Porn?: Yes, quite a bit. Hardcore DVD titled Asian Fever #20 which you can download at . A very good blowjob video of her working pipe can be found in Asian4you section of TBA along with 4 simulated lesbian sets and 4 sets of actual hardcore from their Hard Series. more to come..

reference: Uncle Wang, Babes From Thailand

Cookie Wanwalee – The Black Alley

When Cookies not busy gang banging on the mean streets of Bangkok and robbing liquor stores she likes to relax with a nude stroll in the country side and strum on the guitar all day. “I big fan of Jack Johnson” she said in a past interview “He make so peaceful, beautiful music. And I fucking love Slayer too!” I’m kidding, I got no idea what music she listens too, enjoy these fine ass Asian cowgirl pics.

Cookie Wanwalee – 88Square

We recently had a request from a valued but very dissatisfied and non-paying customer to ‘post more Cookie Wanwalee galleries, you fucking jerkoffs.’ So not because we felt threatened by his tone, well a little, but his name was Big Mike, either way we felt it best to post 2 new galleries of the noticeably cute Cookie Wanwalee.

This first gallery of Cookie on the beach is from 88Square and shot back in the day, around 2005 some time according to our fantastic research team. It was formerly and descriptively titled Sexy Ten Plays With Sand and is now known as Sexy Player, for some reason. I don’t see any games going on here so if you’re into nude girls playing games on the beach you will be disappointed so don’t fall for that terribly misleading title. Unless they mean she’s a player, like a playgirl, hmmm, that could be, in which case my apologies to the 88Square photoset renaming staff for ever doubting you.

Asian Sex Food Fetish

If you’ve got a food sex fetish then we’ve got a garden treat for you today. Cookie Wanwalee aka Asian4you Jenis makes for quite the salad here here in this perverted kitchen shoot. Checking out all the pics in this 2 set shoot both aroused me and made me laugh. The cockring made from what looks like a sliced pepper looked a little dangerous though, they probably both be scared they got gonorrhea from each other after the shoot, that’s gotta burn a little. Funniest part is the last, she’s got the salad on her tummy while he cums all over it, that’s some dressing! Funny stuff. The Black Alley has the full double set with all the pics we couldn’t show you here including the closeup of the cum salad. Classic shoot!

This Asian food sex fetish gallery was taken from Asian4you’s hard series set #’s 77 and 78.

Little Asian Cowgirl

This little Asian cowgirl lady is not really a ranch wrangler but actually Thai adult model Cookie Wanwalee in disguise. And me, well, I’m Captain Obvious. In a continuation of cowboy week here at the Asian Babes Database we have Cookie showing off her petite little body underneath some western duds. The hat looks a little more outback than wild west so I’m guessing that belt she has on is some sort of kangaroo herding device? I really don’t know much about western wear, or anything fashion at all. In fact no idea why they even have me as a writer here this week while all the ‘real’ cowboys are visiting Calgary, Canada for their big stampede event. I’m just bitter, I wanna watch some rodeo too. Instead I’m stuck here writing this while sucking on my bubbletea in a coffee shop off Waikiki beach. Life just sucks.

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