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Irene Fah

Irene Fah is one of the most recognizable nude models from Thailand thanks to her two very large and nicely shaped breasts. Being a breast man myself I’ve always been a fan of Irene and my websites are filled with galleries and blog posts dedicated to her. Not knowing her personally and as Thai nude models don’t live the most public of lives it’s hard to get solid information on her. I gather she started her nude modeling career in the pages of Thai Penthouse under the name Ople Ausanne I’m told. I’m not sure if that came first or if she caught a photographers eye on stage as she is also a popular coyote dancer in those big coyote bars they have in Bangkok and area. Aside from Irene Fah and Ople Ausanne she has also modeled under the names Opal Lee and Ho Hang Ping. I’ll keep you informed here which names she used with which sites and photographers so you can track down more pictures and videos of this busty Thai bombshell.

Compared to a lot of other models in her Thai circle she’s stayed pretty angelic. She does show off her Thai pussy lots but there’s not a whole lot of masturbation stuff or even blowjob and other more innocent stuff compared to the full out porn the other girls are often talked into. I don’t think she’s done porn before though I have seen a very hot video of her performing simulated sex in a couple of scenes. A Thai guy I came across claims she has as he was a part of that shoot but I’m not sure if that’s true. Natt Chanapa also starred in this simulated sex /slash/ attempt at a real movie and I have seen scenes of Natt in a separate video that are real hardcore sex that had to have been shot at the same time as the simulated sex scenes were shot so it is possible that Irene did the same thing and there is a legitimate porn dvd out there somewhere in Thailand just waiting for someone to rip and put online for all us Irene Fah fans.

Irene is still actively modeling but the adult modeling scene in Thailand has slowed as the recession has effected just about every industry in the world. When things pick up more and people have the money to spend online again I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of Irene appearing on the popular nude Asian model sites.

88Square as Irene Fah: Irene did 6 photosets with 88Square, the standard amount they have plus one bonus set which is unreleased photos from each set combined.
- Photoset Titles: Big Business, Party Time, Fah, Irene Fah, Pretty In Pink, Soccer Girl, Simply Irene and Irenes Bonus.
- Video Titles: Behind The Screen #1, Striptease #1.

Asian4you as Irene Fah: Asian4you has the largest collection of pics and movies of Irene of all the sites she’s been on. They did 18 solo girl sets of her and among them are a quite few of this authors favourite pics of her. All are available as zip downloads along with browsing them on screen. They also have 6 videos in the a4y videos section. 5 of them are what a4y calls ‘private’ videos and the 6th is a hot masturbation video.
- Photoset Titles: iren01 to iren04, iren05, iren06 to iren11, iren12, iren13 to irene18
- Video Titles:

The Black Alley as Irene Fah: TBA has only 8 photosets of Irene, so far. Not sure if they’ll be releasing more but with her star status it seems likely they will coerce back into the studio someday. All sets are available as zips in two formats, high quality and super high quality. Surprisingly there are no videos of her in TBA, a shame. Remember though you get access to Asian4you and her videos there with your TBA membership.
- Photoset Titles: irene-fah-01, irene-fah-02 irene-fah-03, irene-fah-04 to irene-fah-08

Thai Cuties as Irene Fah: TC has 16 photosets of Irene, the ten most recent are shot exclusively by Thai Cuties’ own photographers, the other 6 are non-exclusive sets that have been floating around the net for quite a while and can be found in other sites members areas as well. There are also 2 videos you can download or stream. The first one is a pretty sexy striptease to some funky bass on the porch of a cabin. Hot stuff. The second one is kinda cute with her starting out in a sundress under a sprinkler and squealing and complaining about the cold water. Eventually she adapts and does a naked outdoor scrub and shampoo. Homegirl looks great on video.
- Photoset Titles: non-exclusive – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 exclusive – 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 111, 112
- Video Titles: 2, 3

Name: Irene Fah
Alternate Names: Ople Ausanne, Opal Lee, Ho Hang Ping, Koo Wai Fong, Sunisa Serene, Ople Tanyalak, โอเปิ้ล ธัญลักษณ์
Born: 1985
Nationality: Thai
Website Appearances: 88Square (Irene Fah), Asian4you (Irene Fah), The Black Alley (Irene Fah), Thai Cuties (Irene Fah), Moon Angel (Irene Fah), iThaiSex (Irene Fah), (Sunisa Serene), HKNude (Koo Wai Fong), Shave Asian (Ho Hang Ping), Cute Mag (Ople Tanyalak). AEScans (Ople Intira), I Love Asian Pussy (Pat Yen)
Has Done Porn?: Has done softcore simulated porn and unconfirmed reports of a full out hardcore dvd out there somewhere. No known blowjob or lesbian porn or photoshoots. She’s kept it mostly clean.


Irene Fah – The Black Alley

Here’s a nice little gallery of Irene Fah modeling for the website The Black Alley. The Black Alley is Asian4you reincarnated and aside from all new stuff from Irene Fah they brought back the old A4y collection and you can download all her good old stuff when she was a fresh faced buxom beauty, which of course she still is :)

Irene Fah Sex

Just came across these Irene Fah sex pics from Shave Asian where her studio name was Ho Hang Ping. Up until now I didn’t know she had done porn on camera. This is more simulated sex stuff than it is true hardcore porn as theirs no penetration but shes does give a blowjob and have her pussy licked. Cool beans!

Asian Underboob

Some great Asian underboob pictures here of Irene Fah before she lets them finally bust out of her little orange tank top. The action only gets steamier as you can see, when she breaks out the black dildo and starts working her excellent Thai pussy with it. The Black Alley has the full set with lots more graphic pussy play pics of this busty Asian underboob natural.

Irene Fah’s Ass

Irene Fah’s ass looks fantastic in a whole lot of these pictures I was just looking at on The Black Alley. I pulled a few here to share the woodening experience I just had myself. Home girls has a whole lot of body and some nice booty to go with it. Not bad for a little Thai lady. These pics are from the full set numbered Irene Fah 3.

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