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Christy Kee

An adult model from Thailand is Miss Christy Kee. More info below.

Name: Christy Kee
Alternate Names: Pim Pimpilai, Wiyona Chan
Mispellings: Pim Pimplai
Nationality: Thai
Breast Status: Fake
Website Appearances: The Black Alley (Christy Kee), AsiaNude4u (Wiyona Chan), Pee Asian (Wiyona Chan), Thai Cuties (Pim Pimpilai)
Has Done Porn?: researching..

At Thai Cuties as Pim Pimpilai: Sticking with the norm for most Thai babes sites there are 6 photosets of ‘Pim’ at TC. Add to that 2 videos.

Thai Cuties Photoset Titles
pim_pimpilai_set1 pim_pimpilai_set2 pim_pimpilai_set3
pim_pimpilai_set4 pim_pimpilai_set5 pim_pimpilai_set6
Thai Cuties Video Titles
pim_pimpilai_masturbation_1 (masturbation) pim_pimpilai_bts (behind the scenes)

At AsiaNude4u as Wiyona Chan: Five photosets here of aka Wiyona here at An4u. Quite a few, more than the norm 2-3 they usually shoot of their models. Same with Pee Asian as you will see..

AsiaNude4u Photoset Titles
SM1612B SM1612C SM1612D SM1613B SM1613C

At Pee Asian also as Wiyona Chan: Two outdoor peeing pictures sets here, one of them she’s pissing in a midgets olympic size swimming pool, dirty bird! I’d still swim in it.

Pee Asian Photoset Titles
SM1613A SM1613C

At The Black Alley as Christy Kee: We’ve adopted Christy’s ABD name from TBA’s studio name for her for two reason, she’s done the most work here, (41 photosets!) and Christy Kee is the easier of the bunch to remember, for this English speaking banana that is. Complimenting that large number of pic sets is a good variety of videos, we count 7 of them in regular members area and another 4 in the vip area.

The Black Alley Photoset Titles
christy-kee-01 christy-kee-02 christy-kee-03 christy-kee-04
christy-kee-05 christy-kee-06 christy-kee-07 christy-kee-08
christy-kee-09 christy-kee-10 christy-kee-11 christy-kee-12
christy-kee-13 christy-kee-14 christy-kee-15 christy-kee-16
christy-kee-17 christy-kee-18 christy-kee-19 christy-kee-20
christy-kee-21 christy-kee-22 christy-kee-23 christy-kee-24
christy-kee-25 christy-kee-26 christy-kee-27 christy-kee-28
christy-kee-29 Christy Kee # P01 Christy Kee # P02 Christy Kee # P03
Christy Kee # P04 Christy Kee # P05 Christy Kee # P06 Christy Kee # P07
Christy Kee # P08 Christy Kee # P09 Christy Kee # P10 Christy Kee # P11
Christy Kee # P12
Set names marked with * are available only in VIP area
The Black Alley Video Titles
christy-kee-01-ert /
christy-kee-01h.avi (Private Video)
christy-kee-02h.avi (Private Video) christy-kee-03h.avi (Private Video)
christy-kee-04-mju /
christy-kee-04h.avi (Private Video)
christy-kee-05h.avi (Masturbation Video) christy-kee-06h.avi (Private Video)
christy-kee-07h.avi (Private Video) * Christy Kee # V.P01 * Christy Kee # V.P02
* Christy Kee # V.P03 * Christy Kee # V.P03
Video names marked with * are available only in VIP area
the v.p03 videos are accidentally named the same in vip page #4 but do seem to be 2 different videos

Christy Kee Links

The following is a list of links to galleries, movies, information and stuff about Christy Kee aka Pim Pimpilai and Wiyona Chan.

View Christy Kee’s full ABD profile here

Christy Kee Picture Galleries

Gallery 01 – In a white nightie and panties
Gallery 02 – Naked tennis player
Gallery 03 – Nude Asian girl camping
Gallery 04 – Nude Asian in mens dress shirt
Gallery 05 – Nude army girl on break
Gallery 06 – As Pim in Thai Cuties t-shirt

Christy Kee – The Black Alley

Our lead off gallery post for Christy Kee be below. Homegirl seems to be a photographers favourite for the sites she’s appeared on have well above the average number of photosets they typically shoot of a girl. I’m guessing aside from her obvious sex appeal that she’s got a lot of personality and the photogs love giving her work. As per our norm we like to lead of with a set from The Black Alley as they are the leader in Thai erotica and often have the best stuff. These pics of her sporting bangs are from her image set #20 found in the regular members area. She has a bunch more sets in the VIP area as well, and a very decent amount of videos too. Read more about her and what work she’s done from her ABD file linked below.

Wiyona Chan

This pool playing hustler babe is known around Asianude4you as Wiyona Chan but our loyal ABD followers will notice she looks a lot like Christy Kee. The reason for this is simple, she and she is the same they, which is to say, same babe, different name. She can’t fool our clever research staff, even with that clever disguise. What kind of outfit would that be called anyways? Leather biker chick? Light bondism apparel? It’s definitely got some 1950’s The Wild One style to it. She just needs a fat hog to sit on and she’d be complete. I think I could arrange that for her. Well not the fat part, might not even be worthy of the name hog but my scooter dick is available if she’s ever looking for a low rider.

Pim Pimpilai – Thai Cuties

Pim Pimpilai of Thai Cuties is the little lady here in her nighty looking like she just woke up from a good nights sleep. No idea why her bedroom is outdoors on what looks to be a balcony, but whatever, i just post the pretty pics, I don’t analyze them. Some of you may recognize Pim as being Christy Kee and a few other pseudonyms you can learn more of on her ABD file linked below.

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