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Azusa Nagasawa

Azusa Nagasawa is a popular large breasted AV Idol from Japan who apparently hasn’t done a lot of photography work as we are only able to get two half decent image galleries of her up so far. Lots of video clip links for you to click though.

Name: Azusa Nagasawa
Alternate Names: Nagasawa Azusa
Birth Year: 1988
Height: 162 cm (5’4)
Nationality: Japanese
Website Appearances: JSexNetwork , Yes Movies , SexAsian18 , Jav Model , Asia Movie Pass , All Japanese Pass
Has Done Porn?: Yes, av idol by profession
Any Azusa Nagasawa Uncensored Porn?: researching..
Photobooks: researching..
Porn Movies: Big Breast Shame, Amazing Puru Puru Hips 6, Milk Big Tits, Boob Teaching Tutor, E-BODY, God Ass, Big Tits Screaming Fuck, Pets Are Kept At Home, Bako Bako Costume Tits, Incontinence Shame Ecstacy, Inifnity Fuck, 6 Costumes, Tits Are Too Big

The following is a list of links to galleries, movies, information and stuff about Azusa Nagasawa.

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Azusa Nagasawa

Quite a few people have been searching for Azusa Nagasawa on ABD lately and to our embarrassment we realized there is no Azusa to be found on the AB database, well, until now. So here’s our first look at this curvy Japanese babe. These pics are from JSexNetwork where they seem to have a few hardcore videos of her as well.

Azusa Nagasawa Nude

Busty and thick Japanese babe Azusa Nagasawa nude and showing off her two greatest assets in these images we gathered from SexAsian18 . If you’re looking for more from her that is a good site to start off with. Once your done browsing around our own little collection we have going and growing here on the ABD.