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Amara Ranipas

ABD Name: Amara Ranipas
Alternate Names: Amara Taroon, Amara Bhunawat, Mint Luang, Kwok Man Ling, Fan Mei Ling, Tukta Sujitra, Tukta, Pe Ka Yee
Nationality: Thai
Website Appearances: 88Square (Amara Taroon, Amara Bhunawat), The Black Alley (Amara Ranipas), Thai Cuties (Amara Ranipas), Moon Angel (Amara), iThaiSex , Hot Ten Asians (Mint Luang),, Pee Asian (Fan Mei Ling, Pe Ka Yee), Asian Need Cash (Amara), AsiaNude4u (Fan Mei Ling), Asian Fever 14 (Tukta), Thai Magazines (Tukta Sujitra)
Has Done Porn?: Yes. Hardcore DVD titled Asian Fever #14 from Hustler fucking foreign dudes. Blowjob video as well as lesbian and hardcore boy/girl photoshoot from Asian4you.

Biography and Information
Amara is one of the most popular Thai nude models having done a lot of work for a lot of different good Asian nude websites. She usually goes by variations of Amara but no matter what name she’s using she’s easily recognizable for her exotic looks and banging body. Her tits are a perfect size and those nipples are amazing! Big and chewy looking, I dare say they’d satisfy just about anyone with an oral fetish. But it doesn’t stop there, she has a fantastic pair of dark legs and a cute little Asian ass topping them off and that Thai pussy of hers is very inviting, she’s not shy to show it either. Just about every photoshoot she’s done involves her doing full pussy spreads with her showing her dark Thai kitty cat off. Amara Ranipas is an easy inclusion in the Asian Babes Database top 25 Thai babes.

Site By Site Breakdown

Amara Ranipas 88Square: Amara has appeared on 88Square a few times over the years. She first went by the name Amara Bhunawat often mispelled as Bunawat. Her second appearance was as Amara Taroon and then finally again as Amara Bhunawat as she has come to b known there. They offer 20 photosets of her with thousands of pictures as well as accompanying videos including 7 Behind The Screen videos, 2 Self Help masturbation videos and 1 sexy Striptease video.

88Square Photoset Titles
Be My Lover Sexy Stairs Tiger Babe
Balcony Love Smokin’ Fresh Air
Adult Playground Amara Returns Blooming Petals
Cammo Cutie Love Shelter Amara Rocks
Umbrella Girl Tuff Girl Thai Butterfly
Morning Playtime After Cleaning Beaver Banging
Afterglow Red Satin

Amara Ranipas Asian4you: Her Asian4you appearances were probably my favourite with the photosets having quite a bit of variety, as Asian4you always did. Lots of outdoor and indoor all sorts of sexy outfits and costumes. One great part of Amara on Asian4you was her lesbian photosets that you can find under the category called girl girl if memory serves me correct. She gets it on in some pretty striking lesbian poses with fellow Asian4you model Iris Dragon. ABD will post pics from those sets for you to see. She also did some videos for Asian4you including a great blowjob video. In total there are 45 picture sets, solo girl style, another 4 girl-girl sets, 4 sex shoots from the hard series section, all 4 are threesome with a babe named Paulene Yoa and a male model. I count 7 videos, 1 a very hot blowjob video, another is a video of Amara and Paulene, and the remainder solo style videos. Remember that her Asian4you archive is included with a pass at The Black Alley.

Amara Ranipas Hot Teen Asians: She appeared on Hot Ten Asians as Mint Luang in 4 photosets and she looks pretty good as always, really lights up the site. unfortunately a lot of the picture are overly photoshopped and she loses that raw, exotic beauty she has. But for sure browse HTA and see for yourself, here she is on an alternate tour of the site as well.

Hot Teen Asian Photoset Titles
Sauna (Time) On The Stairs Workout Tiger Skirt

Amara Ranipas The Black Alley: The Black Alley shot a whole lot of Amara and she was one of their lead off models when they launched their site. The pics are a lot more mature looking, lots of more expensive outfits and stuff, some classy ones and stuff. She looks great here, as always. Remember TBA and A4u are same website now so you get a access to both databases, new and old. Great deal if you want lots of Amara Ranipas porn. Current count for photosets is a staggering 34. Pretty impressive. More impressive is that there are 14 videos as well, 4 of those are masturbation / sex toy videos, 3 are behind the scenes and the remained what TBA calls private videos. Remember you also get her old a4u archive included with this, that’s 45 solo pics sets plus the videos as well as the girl girl and hard series stuff. TBA has hands down the biggest collection of Amara Ranipas pictures and videos. Check out her Asian4you paragraph for more info.

Amara Ranipas at Thai Cuties: I count 14 photosets in the Thai Cuties members area, 11 of them are solo and 3 of them are co-starring Rose Pathra in some very sexy simulated lesbian stuff. For videos I count 5, 1 with Rose the others solo. One of the solo ones is only 17 seconds but as an Amara fan it’s my favourite. It’s just of her looking what i assume to be her everyday, regular self between shoots just walking up the steps waving like an idiot. Pretty cute stuff. Ohh, if you’re a true psycho stalker fan like me you can actually purchase clothes that she wore during her shoots, her panties even. I’d totally buy them but the only pair they have left look like my grandmas. They are signed though, hmmmmm. The rest of her stuff I’m gonna try and talk my editor into buying them, business expense, research purposes.. yeaaaa. Also, Thai Cuties has an interview with Amara, a written one, very sweet bonus.

Thai Cuties Photoset Titles
amara_set2 amara_set3 amara_set4
amara_set5 amara_set6 amara_ranipas_set21
amara_ranipas_set22 amara_ranipas_set23 amara_ranipas_set24
amara_set31 amara_set33 amara_set111
amara_set112 amara_ranipas_rose_pathra_set32
Thai Cuties Video Titles
amara_ranipas_1 amara_ranipas_2 amara_ranipas_3
amara_ranipas_4 amara_rose_girlgirl


Amara Ranipas – The Black Alley

I wouldn’t mind having Amara Ranipas serving me drinks all night in this outfit. Or better yet, without it. These pictures are from another one of her photo shoots with The Black Alley and you can see she’s just as naughty as ever.

Amara Bhunawat

This babe look familiar? That’s because Amara Bhunawat is, wait for it… Amara Ranipas! Alright, so maybe that’s a little obvious, she’s a pretty recognizable girl and all. These photos are from her first 6 set photoshoot with 88Square back around 2004 and the photographers came up with the super easy to remember and pronounce last name Bhunawat which is precisely the reason ABD has gone with Amara Ranipas, cuz it’s easier, or is it? No idea if we even pronounce that properly to be honest, we have no Thai dudes on staff here. We all been saying it like ran-eee-pus. And speaking of puss have a look at these pics of Amara watering her patch as she squats on a rock to have a pee. Interesting photos, especially for you guys into the waterworks action.

Full 90 pic set is named After Cleaning and can be downloaded as zip file at 88Square.

Exotic Asian Girl

You may recognize this exotic Asian girl as the one and only Amara Ranipas. These pics were taken back in the Asian4you days and not widely released but are now available as part of an even larger photoset available in The Black Alley’s members area. When I think of exotic Asian babes the first girl in my mind is often the incredible Amara. Not being a traditional beauty but a beauty nonetheless is what really makes this girl a star. That and those two big nipple capped tits of here, momma mia!

Asian Amara

I hate photosets like this one of Amara. There’s just too many sexy pictures to choose from. So what should take me a short amount of time turns into a marathon of decision making, not wanting to throw out this pic cuz she’s so pretty, or that one cuz her tits look so damn fine. So after 30 minutes the guys around the office start accusing me of pulling my pud instead of working, which, given, isn’t always wrong, but a man can polish his bishop and work at the same time. That’s always been my motto for office work, it hasn’t always been shared by management at any of the positions I’ve held but whatever.

Anyways, here’s what I ended up with, check out the rest of the 90 pic set to see what I had to leave out. It’s titled Love Shelter and brother, she can shelter my love up in her anytime.

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