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Ai Haneda

Name: Ai Haneda
Alternate Names: Haneda Ai
Birth Year: 1989
Height: 169 cm (5’7)
Nationality: Japanese
Website Appearances: JSexNetwork , All Japanese Pass , Asia Movie Pass , Yes Movies , Jav Model , SexAsian18
Has Done Porn?: Yes
Any Ai Haneda Uncensored Porn?: researching..
Photobooks: researching..
Porn Movies: Ultra High Class Soap Lady, First Nakadashi, Wet Crotch Lewd Sister, Hot Springs Spa Travel, Gangbang Pretty Teacher, Cherry Boy Crusher

Ai Haneda Nude

My homie Tet Two Times messaged me saying ‘yo man, how come you don’t have that Ai chick on the site, how come you don’t you have that Ai chick on the site? I asked ‘what Ai chick’ and he shows me, twice, and I say, good question, he says thanks2x and so here’s some pics of Ai Haneda, nude, just the way we like them.

Ai Haneda Naked

Today, some pics of Ai Haneda naked for you, well she’s mostly nude. Some pics she has clothes on, some pics not much clothes. I like that one of her on the floor with the heels on where you can see her cute toes peaking through. I think these pics are from SexAsian18 but don’t quote me on that, we had a little mix up.

Haneda Ai

Haneda Ai is a foxy Japanese porn model who you’ve all seen around this site and other before, no doubt. Her good looks and nice figure have gotten her lots of starring roles in some steamy hot jav sex movies, some of which you can find at Yes Movies among others. Seems we have her name a little backwards in this post, you’ll see the abd order of things in her link below.

Asian Office Worker Nude

Ai Haneda starring in some sexy Asian office worker nude pics here. By far one of my favourite themes for women to be all dressed up as. That reminds me, I have to get after the boss man to be hiring us some sexy little thing to be working up front and answering the two wrong number phone calls we get a week.

Lots more JAV porn pics and movies can be found at Jav Model . We got these ones from over that way.

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