Annie Chui

Annie Chui was a popular Thai model throughout the 2000’s and continues to be despite the fact she sadly passed away in 2005. She was known by a few names, her most common being her Thai nickname Aum which was the name she used when she was Thai Penthouse Pet of the year 2001? For the rest of the world she is most famous for her appearance on Asian4you where her studio name was Annie Chui.

We have a policy of not writing about a models personal life unless it’s public information but in the case of Annies death we felt it important to mention for some may be wondering why there has been no new Annie Chui stuff shot. Now, none of this is officially confirmed but as the story goes back around 2005 Annie and two friends traveling to a fashion show in the South of Thailand were in a car accident that tragically took all three of their lives. This author, for one, is holding out hope that this is not true and she just met some rich billionaire that wanted her to stop sharing herself with the world and she’s living happily ever after somewhere with 8 kids and a pet dog. I can’t handle reality so I’m going to stick with my theory. Regardless of the truth this young woman blessed the world with her voluptuous curves and good looks and it’s a shame we will see no more her but with that said I’m also sure we at ABD can turn up some stuff she’s done that you haven’t seen yet.

Thai Penthouse as Aom: As mentioned in her bio Annie Chui was Thai Penthouse Pet of the year for 2001. Her Penthouse name was Aom and was also the name she was commonly known as in Thailand. We’ll be posting some scans of her spread there sometime soon.

Pacific Beauty as Aom and Marion: Some would say her appearances on Pacific Beauty were her best and it would be hard to argue against that. She did three sets there as Aom titled Black Magic, Butterfly and Cleopatra. She also appeared as Marion doing a set titled Home Alone.

Asian4you as Annie Chui: This is wear you’ll find her biggest collection of photographs with some 18 photosets shot from 2004 to 2005 not including 3 hardcore photosets from the A4y hard series. Hers are numbered from 28 to 31 and in them is full uncensored hardcore of her performing oral sex and practicing making babies with a gentleman named Luk E Dewd. Just kidding, I don’t know his name but that one sounds suiting, though not very Thai.
- Photset Titles: Hard Series 28 & 29 Hard Series 30 & 31, Anni01 to 05, Anni06, Anni07, Anni08 to 15

Thai X-Rated VCD’s: Annie acted in quite a few Thai underground softcore porn movies, full nude but most of them simulated sex. A couple I have stumbled across are full hardcore but they’re not available online unfortunately. Check her summary below for titles.

Name: Annie Chui
Alternate Names: Aum, Marian, Lo Pik Ling, Wan Chui Ping, Monee Won, Yu Siu Jin
Birth Year: researching
Nationality: Thai
Website Appearances: Asian4you (Annie Chui), Pacific Beauty (Aum, Marian), Hong Kong Nude (Lo Pik Ling, Wan Chui Ping), Thai Penthouse (Aum), AsiaNude4u (Monee Won), Asian Fever (??), AEScans (Ta Wichuta), Pee Asian, old (Cheung Wai)
Has Done Porn?: Yes. In both dvd’s Oriental Pussy Angels and Asian Fever 5 she has real unsimulated sex. She also has a series of photographs which are hardcore in The Black Alley members area, Asian4you section under hard series #’s 28 – 31. She has also done hardcore and simulated sex in numerous Thai porn vcd’s (see below).
Are Her Tits Real?: No. it appears she had a breast enlargement sometime around 2003. She was not flat chested before this but they were nowhere near what they were afterwards.
Porn Movies: (this list is a mix of softcore, simulated and hardcore, mostly Thai underground vcd’s) Air Thailand, Annie Dance, Asian Fever 5, Bad Life, Bloody Island, Boon Ting 1, Boon Ting 2, ChaoNang, Dad’s friend 1, Dad’s Friend 2, Daydreamer, Dong Dok Ngeo 1, Dong Dok Ngeo 2, Kri Tong 2, Kunpan 1, Kuran Reim, Makin, Mon Ruk Transister, Niras Tawipop, Oriental Pussy Angels, Phrang Chom Phoo, Pizza Hot, Sex Phone 1, Sex Phone 2, Taxi 7, Taxi 8, Taxi In Love 8, Tomboy 2

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