AV Idol Reika

Once again to add the the database as a first timer here on the site we have another av idol, Reika is her name. Just Reika apparenelty, too cool for a second name it seems. But she’s quite pretty so I won’t argue with her about the importance of having two names so you can be properly databased on sites such as this :D These pics we got from a gallery we found over at SexAsian18 They’re pretty good at releasing stuff from the newer idols while some of the other sites wait until after their retirement to give free sites like ours the material to promote them with. Not that Reika is the newest girl to the game, she debuted in 2007 and has been breaking proverbial hearts on screen ever since.

Anna Ohura Nude

Anna Ohura nude pics were once quite popular online for two simple but very big reasons, her titties. They’ve been making the rounds online since her debut in, I believe, 2000. Took us some time to finally get her posted on the ABD but here she is looking pretty hot in some fishnet stockings and happily showing us why she’s so famous.

Meijii Mala

The pretty little body parts in these pictures belong to a babe by name of Meijii Mala who you may better know as Vanessa Ma. Her name at 88Square was Meijii Mala and since we at ABD have no idea how to pronounce that we’ve chosen to refer to her as Vanessa. The pics here belong to a photoset called Come Join Me, a very inviting title. If my math is right there’s something like 77 more pics from this series at 88Square.

Irene Fah – The Black Alley

Here’s a nice little gallery of Irene Fah modeling for the website The Black Alley. The Black Alley is Asian4you reincarnated and aside from all new stuff from Irene Fah they brought back the old A4y collection and you can download all her good old stuff when she was a fresh faced buxom beauty, which of course she still is :)

Asian Pussy Sushi

Here’s a great nude theme, Asian pussy sushi. If you’re a fan of the naked ladies no doubt you’ve come across some pics of sushi being laid out on the ladies vagine in a super witty or perverted artsy comparison between raw fish and, errm.. raw pussy. There have even been some sushi houses where you can eat sushi off of a girls naked body. No idea how they pass local health codes but they’re out there somewhere if you’re into that sort of kinkiness.

Now if the real thing isn’t your thing but you want to see more of these sexy naked girl sushi pictures you can find the full set inside the members are of The Black Alley

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